A Nordic Distribution Network

Sharing Best Practices with Our Nordic Partners.

Nordic Network is an international networking project that develops and shares best practices on distributing and archiving media art. Due to the fast development of digital media and the challenges of new technology, there is an acute need for improved solutions and practices within the organisations concerned with its distribution and preservation. 

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Nordic countries face the same challenges as the Netherlands regarding the archiving, preservation and distribution of their media art. “Shared practices for distributing and archiving media art” was a network collaboration between five organisations, representing the major archivers and distributors of media art in their respective countries: AV-arkki (Finland), Filmform (Sweden), Vasulka Chamber, National Gallery (Iceland), Videokunstarkivet (Norway) and LI-MA (the Netherlands). The networking project focused on collaboration, exchange of ideas and expertise through sharing and translating practices and workflows. Best practices were developed while building concrete collaboration projects between the partner organisations. 

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Thumbnail image and videostill: The Vasulkas, Noisefields, 1974