Rates and Rental conditions

Here you will find all the information you need about renting, exhibiting, screening or broadcasting work from our collection. If you wish to speak directly to someone at LI-MA please send us an email.

Fees and rental conditions

The works in the LI-MA collection can be rented for display on several file formats, such as MPEG2, MP4 and MOV. Other formats and systems are available on request and at an additional production costs based on the length of the work. All customers must sign the LI-MA License Agreement in order to receive temporary screening rights. 

Rates for a single screening of a single-channel video work

One screening per title:

  • < 15min – € 60,-
  • < 30min – € 85-
  • < 60min – € 120,-
  • > 60min – € 150,-
  • Additional Screening – € 25,-/€ 75,- per title
  • For rush orders (less than 2 weeks before the screening) – add 50% to the total price

Rates for exhibiting single-channel video works

Loop per title:

  • 1 - 3 days – € 150,-
  • 1 week – € 250,-
  • 1 month – € 500,-
  • each extra month – € 250,-

Rates for online screening and broadcasting

Please contact us for more information and custom rates.

Rates for Installations

There are no standard rates for exhibiting installations. Please contact us for information about the installation screening rates, equipment, planning, reconstruction and transport. 


All digital files will be sent through the LI-MA WeTransfer channel.

Images, texts and other promotional materials

Promotional clips (30 seconds) and stills (jpg and tiff) are available. Enter your request well in advance to meet your deadlines. Short descriptions of the works are available in the LI-MA catalogue. The content of these texts may be used (abridged and modified) in your promotional materials, program listings, reviews or audience reactions to the screenings. Please list LI-MA as the distributor on all your print and online communication.


After receiving your request, LI-MA will send an invoice. The work cannot be screened until payment has been received. Please include the invoice number on your payment and send along a proof of payment in order to avoid unnecessary delays.


Most of the works in the collection are for sale on DVD for educational purposes (internal library use). Contact us for more information.
Some of the works in the collection are available for sale with exhibition rights for museums and galleries. The prices vary per work. 

Please contact us for more information.