How Does It Work?

A step-by-step guide to renting works.

The following steps lay out a basic guide to renting video works or installations.

Step 1: Submit Your Request

To place an order, check our general conditions and fill out the distribution request form provided in our catalogue on Allow for plenty of time before your deadline, preferably at least two months in advance.

Step 2: Additional Information

We might ask you for additional information.

Step 3: Proposal

Carefully review our proposal. Please be aware that additional costs might apply when requesting other formats, urgent requests (less than 21 working days in advance) and physical objects.

Step 4: Contract

To obtain temporary presentation rights, all clients are required to sign the LI-MA License Agreement. Once terms are agreed upon, a contract will be promptly dispatched.

Step 6: File Delivery or Shipment

After payment of the invoice, your file(s) will be sent via WeTransfer, or the installation will be shipped. For a smooth process, kindly email us a proof of payment to avoid any delays.

Step 7: Screening or Exhibition Guidelines

The works should be screened or installed according to the guidelines provided by LI-MA.

Step 8: After The Screening, Event, or Exhibition

If you have received digital files, they should be deleted within three working days after the end of the event, screening or exhibitions. Physical objects need to be returned within three working days, accompanied by a condition report. 


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Thumbnail and header image: Still from Lernert & Sander, The Procrastinators 2: Jop van Bennekom, 2010