Rates and Terms & Conditions

Artist fees, formats and conditions.

LI-MA connects artists with an international network of museums, cultural and educational institutions and festivals – with the online catalogue as its platform, and through distribution based on rental of works for exhibitions and screenings. In doing so, we ensure the accessibility and integrity of contemporary and somewhat obscure new media artworks. As such, all works are available at rates that ensure fair pay for the artists.

Single channel video works from the LI-MA collection are available for exhibition, screening, broadcasting, or streaming across diverse platforms. Standard rates apply for screening or exhibiting on standard formats, while customised solutions are available for broadcasting, streaming and other presentation formats, as well as for installations. All rates mentioned below are excl. VAT.

Screening or Exhibiting Single-Channel Video Works

  • For each additional screening, add 50% per screening per title.
  • For multi-channel works, each channel counts as a single channel.
  • For rush orders (less than 14 working days in advance of the screening), add 50% to the total price.
  • Please note that single-channel works are available as MPEG2 or ProRes. DCPs are available at a small additional cost, as further explained under additional services.

Screening Rates for Single-Channel Video Work 2024

First screening per title:
< 15min: € 70 
< 30min: € 95 
< 60min: € 135 
> 60min: € 165

Exhibition Rates for Single-Channel Video Works 2024

1 – 3 days: € 165
4 days – 1 week: € 275
2 weeks – 1 month: € 550
Each extra month, add € 275 per month

Online Presentations, Broadcasting and Streaming

For online presentations, broadcasting and streaming of single-channel video works, we provide customised rates based on audience reach, duration of the work and online availability. Please use the contact form below for comprehensive information about rates and conditions.


For exhibiting installations we offer tailored solutions. Please use the contact form below for detailed information about rates, equipment, planning, reconstruction, condition reports and transport.

Please note that the exhibitor is responsible for transport and installation costs, hiring of additional equipment, insurance, condition reports and all other costs stipulated in the contract and technical rider, including hospitality and travel costs for the artists if applicable.

General Conditions

Please note that due to a high volume of requests, we aim to respond within three working days. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Stills are provided free of charge for promotional purposes. They are only available in digital format (.jpg and .tiff). If you would like to use stills for online or print publications such as monographs, academic publications or magazine features, please check our additional distribution services.

Short descriptions of the works are available in the online LI-MA catalogue. The content of these texts may be used (abridged and modified) in your promotional materials, programme listings, reviews or audience reactions to the screenings. All online and print curatorial and promotional text should mention LI-MA as distributor.


Thumbnail and header image: Michiel van Bakel, Panorama Tata – A plumed serpent's view, 2024