Digital Care: Remko Scha

IAAA by Remko Scha

The Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam (IAAA) established in the 1990s by Remko Scha is a project of a fictional organisation where machines, computers, algorithms, and humans work together toward the complete automation of art production. IAAA is led by the imaginary figure of Huge Harry, a speech robot also created by Remko Scha. The Institute was engaged in various areas such as visual art, design, architecture, music, performance, and art history.

Digital Care: Dick Raaijmakers

Ideophone I by Dick Raaijmakers

Ideophone I was first presented by Dick Raaijmakers in 1967 at the opening of the Steim Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music in Amsterdam. Raaijmakers' primary concept is that of a loudspeaker that functions as an active ‘speaker’, and produces its own sound. The artist realised the idea by connecting the output to the input of the loudspeaker in the rotating sculpture. As a result, the loudspeaker can now produce sound using its own signal without requiring an external input.

Digital Care: Livinus and Jeep van de Bundt

Moiré by Livinus and Jeep van de Bundt

Moiré by Livinus and Jeep van de Bundt is an early example of generative video art from the 1970s. Electronic music composed by Livinus's son Jeep serves as a backdrop to his generated colourful, abstract video paintings. In rhythm with the beat of the music, waves of multiplying, altering, and casually related graphic elements appear. On a background of green, there are blue blocks with red borders.


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