Digital Care

Digital Care presents collaborative care for digital artworks through an open process. From March until October 2023, iconic works will be researched and shown in public programmes across the country. Talks with artists, scholars, producers, technicians and the public will explore what it means to present these works today - and preserve them for a future generation.

Documenting Digital Art

“Documenting digital art. Re-thinking histories and practices of documentation in the museum and beyond” is a collaboration between leading researchers in the fields of performance and digital art documentation with world-leading museums, artists, and curators specialising in photography and digital art.

LIMA Online

LIMA Online is an online platform dedicated to lectures, art works and current debate, where artists and the public are invited to engage in dialogue. The series and events presented by LIMA Online reflect on the position of (media) art and technology in society today - and combines this actuality with historical awareness or reflection.

Digital Canon?!

For the practical research project Digital Canon?! Born-digital art in the Netherlands, LIMA researches how the importance of an artist, artwork, movement or development can be indicated – and how this can ultimately result in a canon. is an online catalogue bringing together the media art collections of Frans Hals Museum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Van Abbemuseum, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and LIMA.


Middels het programma Viewpoints werden in 2016 kunstenaars die door LIMA worden ondersteund in contact gebracht met curatoren en experts om kennis over praktische aspecten van de presentatie en distributiepraktijk van mediakunst te ontwikkelen.

Future Proof Media Art

What is sustainable in relation to these so-called unstable media? In the scope of the collaborative research project ‘Future Proof Media Art’ with Dutch media artist Geert Mul, LIMA researches software-based and interactive media artworks from the oeuvre of Mul.

Distribution partner CineSonic audio visual concerts

Established in 2007, CineSonic is a project of Stichting Film en Media Festival Amsterdam that aims at combining silent feature films, experimental shorts and video-art compilations with cutting edge music producers. Since 2012 |CINE|SONIC| collaborates with LIMA and with the Paris based art film label Lowave at a new series of events dedicated to live video art presentations.