Digitisation is necessary for the preservation of video art and we are specialists in this field. At LIMA you have the option of transferring your analog and digital work to more stable formats. Our substantial technical knowledge base and experience assure you of the highest quality result.


Does your institution house a collection of digital or analogue works of media art? LIMA can preserve and sustain these works. Our conservation specialists store your born-digital material and ensure it can be exhibited now and in the future.


Documentation is a vital part of the preservation of media artworks. Occasionally, documentation is the only remaining element of these works. LIMA can provide the appropriate documentation for your digital, conceptual and/or performance artworks, so that they can be re-experienced in the future.

Advice and Workshops

At LIMA we would like to share our knowledge surrounding the best practices in maintaining and managing media art. Drop by for technical advice; sign up for one of our workshops or register for a summer course.


Year round LIMA offers preservation services for a wide variety of (inter)national clients, projects and events. Our clients include many artist, musea, archives and collectors. Visit the overview for an impression what LIMA can do for you.

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A wide range of national and international institutions, museums, collectors, schools and festivals make use of LIMA’s conservation services. We are extremely proud of our client base. Click here for a list of our customers and partners.