Workshop Wikidata: How to insert media artworks and collections?


This workshop is held within the framework of the LIMA initiated project Mediakunst op Wikipedia, which aims to make media art from Dutch collections more accessible to a wider audience and offers the opportunity to provide metadata as linked open data. 

As part of the collaborative project (2021-2023), a total of 2000 of media artists were entered last year in Wikidata, the reference database under Wikipedia from the collections of LIMA, Van Abbemuseum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the Cultural Heritage Agency and Frans Hals Museum. The next step is to make the media artworks easier to find and link.

But: how can media artworks be entered into Wikidata? Is it possible, for example, to insert a work as a concept, and to link different parts and versions of a work? And if so, on which level?

Sanneke Huisman (Curator, LIMA), Hanno Lans (Wikimedian in Residence) and moderator Sandra Fauconnier have invited Andreas Kohlbeckerde (ZKM), Bart Magnus (Meemoo) and Lozana Rossenova (Digital Designer, Researcher) to discuss the above questions. They will look for ways to connect media artworks of (museum) collections worldwide so that they are more easily accessible, with the aim to create a cross-institutional structure. During the workshops, the possibilities of Wikidata will be explored on the basis of some case studies - from video installation to net art.

Tickets available here.