Workshop Collecting process: Case study by Victoria & Albert Museum

ZEITGUISED, geist.zyx (screenshot) 2016

In this workshop we aim to share experiences and research as well as discuss strategies for analyzing, documenting and storing digital art for and by artists, curators and conservators. LIMA offers a DIY approach for discussing case studies in smaller groups by subscription. Gabriella Arrigoni (Research fellow, Victoria & Albert Museum), will present and discuss a digital art preservation case study from their own practice. Moderated by Manique Hendricks (LIMA). is an experimental film based on procedural and rendering technologies to manifest ‘0% organic’ textiles and textures moving across a gravity-bending virtual environment. ZEITGUISED is active in the field of digital art as well as being a commercial design studio, ‘and often create experiments such as to demonstrate their creative expertise, which is typical of contemporary digital design practice, in which experiments go to promote and draw in client work as well and show their particular aesthetic as studio’ (Kane 2021).

Case Study