FamilieFest: R3B00T!

FamilieFest: R3B00T!
Wednesday, 18 October, 2023 from 10.00 - 15.00
Nieuwe Instituut, Museumpark 25, Rotterdam
Tickets: €2| Language: Dutch/English

Go on adventure in the digital world and become a digital artist. We invite families and children to go on a journey which explores the impact of digital culture on our society and the arts. Discover the works from the past, present and future and find out how humans and machines have merged together. Join different workshops that dive deeper into digital techniques, tools and software, and much more!

FamilieFest Team Toekomst. Photo by Marwan Magroun


  • Do you just see cables, memory cards and keyboards? Or do you see the future of jewelry and other awesome creations? During the workshop Computer Jewelry and Cool Creations you can make a camera bracelet for your dog, a necklace made out of memory cards or something else that no one is brave enough to make, and all made out of different computer parts.
  • The internet is one big mystery, because what is it actually made out of? During the Worldwide Wonderous Walk you surf through the building using a fake name to look for the boss of the internet. Get a look behind the screens and discover the ingredients that make the internet what it is and solve some mysteries and uncover secrets together along the way.
  • How can you get away with a little bit of mischief without being seen? Everywhere you look around you see cameras. During Face Off Filter you get to experience how a computer looks and how to hide from the eyes of the camera using masks. At the end, we test your skills by seeing how many faces you will be able to recognise. Can you pass the test?
  • On the internet, your wildest dreams can come true. You can be whoever you want to be or whatever you wish to turn into. Do you want to have hair that you can use as a jumprope? Or do you want to have three extra arms? Or do you want a grassmonster as a pet? Everything is possible! During Video Superstar you get to design a version of yourself that can and may do whatever they want. You even get to go home with a photo from the futuristic photobooth.
  • It is hard to miss: in the Foyer in the Nieuwe Instituut, you can see a giant robot giraffe. She turns on every once in a while, and when she does, you need to be ready with your moves. Make up your own robot moves and dance together with Giovanni and this large machine during Dancing like the internet.
  • At the makers' space they are hard at work on a new kind of internet: the Internew. Even with this version you cannot espace the ads, but you get to design them yourself! You can create your own advertisements during Ads, Ads, Ads about whatever you would like. About farts of hippos or about a new movie. You can come up with the craziest ideas! And who knows, your ad might become part of the REBOOT exhibition!
  • Once you are done with all of the workshops, you can grab a Family Expedition and visit the exhibition of Watercities Rotterdam. During the Water Creature Expedition you get to go and find the water creatures that are hidden in the exhibition space. Can you find them all?

For families and children from 4-12 years old.

Do you have a Rotterdampas? You can join the festivities for free and without registration! The only thing you need to do is to bring your Rotterdampas. Do you want to participate with your BSO-group? That's possible! You can sign up for free by sending an e-mail with the subject line: FamilieFest: R3B00T! to educatie@nieuweinstituut.nl.

This event runs next to the exhibition REBOOT. Pioneering Digital Art, a collaboration between LI-MA and Nieuwe Instituut. For more information, visit here.