UNFOLD: Davor Sanvincenti, Sandra Sterle, Judith de Joode

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This event is part of UNFOLD: Nan Hoover on Wednesday, 19 May, 2021 from 16.00-21.00 CET.

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UNFOLD: Nan Hoover introduces performances and presentations by artists of Nan Hoover’s work in a new, unconventional way. The programme includes a text-based sound installation by Sandra Sterle: a reply to a voice message from Nan Hoover that she received 25 years ago, a lecture by Davor Sanvincenti about Hoover’s notations studies on transposing and expanding the visible forms into a new visual language as well as a commissioned text-based reinterpretation by theatermaker Judith de Joode. 

Davor Sanvincenti
Lecture Behind the Screens

At UNFOLD: Nan Hoover, Croatian multimedia artist Davor Sanvincenti will give a lecture, Behind the Screens, which intertwines on important notions and notations studies relating to a sensitive creation process of Nan Hoover. Behind the Screens is about deconstruction and transformation of the form into new visual readings. 

The body as a landscape. The shoulder as a mountain, the hand as a desert. The lecture opens Hoover's notations studies on transposing and expanding the visible forms into a new visual language. The readings behind the notations accent the encounters of the body with light within the particularity of the medium - photography, video and spatial interventions. Sanvincenti starts from the principle that ‘the cinematic image has no other side: it has edges’. Behind the Screens is a diverse cinematic experience which triggers our imagination of the media-poetical legacy by Nan Hoover.

Davor Sanvincenti is specifically interested in a field of audiovisual phenomenology and anthropology of visual culture, particularly focused on the conditions and forms of human senses and perceptions. His artistic practice takes shape in the variety of media – film and video, photography, physical light and sound installations and live media performances. 

Sandra Sterle
Sound performance REPLAY 

Sandra Sterle works across film, installation, interventions, photography and performance. After meeting Nan Hoover in Amsterdam in 1994, the two became instant friends and took turns commuting between Amsterdam and Düsseldorf, where Hoover was giving a new class in 1995, as well as organizing workshops and screenings around Croatia. 

During UNFOLD: Nan Hoover, Sterle will answer to a voice message left by Hoover on her answering machine almost 25 years ago. The voice message included the challenge to try to reply to her now, while at the same time Sterle explores who and what Nan Hoover has become now. 

“I am trying to understand what did you really ask me…back then, and what is this sound record of your voice or this crackling long sentence you once pronounced telling me now, because it does, it tells me something now… Information is a thing, it is not nothing.”

Judith de Joode  
Text-based reinterpretation, title of the work TBA

Theatermaker Judith de Joode gives words to things we only can see, paying ample attention to the light that surrounds us. How do we experience a moment of light? And can it only exist with darkness by its side? Her ever growing collection of light and light reflections forms an inspiration for her texts. For UNFOLD: Nan Hoover, de Joode will reinterpret the work of Nan Hoover in the form of a text. She will, in line with Hoover's work, give a new manifestation to natural phenomena -  inviting the audience to look with different eyes.

UNFOLD Artwork by Bin Koh. Image by Davor Sanvincenti.

UNFOLD: Nan Hoover is supported by the Mondriaan Fonds.