LIMA Online: Lyubov Matyunina on modern fairy tales

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LIMA Online: Lyubov Matyunina on modern fairy tales at a time of global communication infrastructures
Wednesday 15 April, 20h00 CET, online.
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This program is part of the LIMA Online series that takes place every Wednesday at 20h00 CET. More information: 

LIMA is pleased to invite Amsterdam-based artist and filmmaker Lyubov Matyunina for this edition of LIMA Online.

“I believe that fairy tale is a unique and at the same time universal form of transferring experience from generation to generation. By collecting and analysing folklore, I start to see and better understand modern myths that arise here and now.” - Lyubov Matyunina

Which myths are repeated over and over, and which are dying? Which heroes become popular? What quests and difficulties did the characters overcome in fairy tales of the past and what is happening today? What experience can we learn from folklore? These are some of the questions and topics Lyubov Matyunina addresses during this LIMA Online event.  She will discuss and present the modern fairy tale using works from the LIMA collection, including excerpts from her own work, and will engage in conversation with  the audience. One of the selected videos is Versions 2010 by Oliver Laric, a multimedia artwork that engages with themes of pop culture, the past and present mass media and globalization. 

As an artist, Lyubov Matyunina is interested in creating alternative realities as well as mythologies. Using the genre of documentary as a basis for her work in order to touch the body of ‘reality’, Matyunina complements and extends it with fantasies and dreams. Inspired by ideas of anonymity and the potential unity between the non-human and human life, she has been creating masks and costumes which inhabit her work along with sound, voice, and dance, adding a layer of transformed reality and helping to imagine slips of the intangible between the plates of the familiar.