Saturday November 5th the first solo exhibition of the prominent media artist Geert Mul opened at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. This exhibition is the starting point for the collaborative research project between Mul and LIMA called ‘Future Proof’; Pieces from Mul’s current exhibition will function as case study for the development of a protocol for Mul and other media artists in order to enable them to preserve their own oeuvre of digital-born art. We are excited about finding the best...Read more


LIMA produced an online web documentary in which Rozendaal talks about the 103 websites he made from 2001 to 2016 in order to be able to preserve these websites in the right way for the future. The individual aspects of each work were recorded during a browsing session with Rozendaal in which he explains the creative process as well as the intended working of each piece. The online web documentary can be found here

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Flyer Artists Talking Back to the Media
George Barker, Sanneke Huisman10/11/2016Research

The LIMA team has landed in Colombia to conduct a series of workshops, presentations and exhibitions in Cali and Bogotá taking place from 9th - 18th November. Sanneke Huisman (LIMA), George Barker (LIMA), Nell Donkers (de Appel) and the artists Raul Marroquin and Douwe Dijkstra are participating in the project alongside Ivan Tovar and Natalia Castillo Overdugo who have facilitated the operations on a local level in Colombia. From the extensive archive located at LIMA and de Appel...Read more

CD-ROM artwork The Second. Comparison test of emulated version and version on original equipment

A new report, “CD-ROM archiving: Archiving and distribution of CD-ROM artworks, a study of the Emulation as a Service (EaaS) tool and other proposals”, is now available online (PDF). It was researched and drawn up by LIMA with support from the Digital Heritage Network. Please find here also the Dutch...Read more

Rafaël Rozendaal, Fill This Up .com
Sanneke Huisman30/03/2016Preservation

LIMA beheert de mediakunstwerken van diverse musea, academies, particulieren en bedrijven en ondersteunt en adviseert hen bij de opslag, digitalisering en presentatie van videokunst en digitale werken. Welke collecties zijn dit, en hoe ziet deze samenwerking eruit? LIMA gaat met conserveringspartners in gesprek om meer inzicht te geven in Nederlandse mediakunstcollecties – en de dagelijkse praktijk op het gebied van verzamelen, beheren en presenteren.

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LIMA is proud to announce its first collaboration with Mark IJzerman.

Mark IJzerman is a sound artist, composer & performer working with interactive and procedural sound. In his performances he works a lot with tape-recorders and self-built instruments, both analogue and digital. His works carry a strong organic quality. At LIMA, he will play a piece in which the visuals react to its sonic counterpart. With music created using field recordings and resonances recorded while...Read more

Rafaël Rozendaal, Into Time, Museu da Imagem e do Sol, Sao Paulo, 2012
LIMA 18/02/2016 to 19/02/2016Preservation
Preservation of born-digital/software based art Digital artworks form a separate group in museum collections. How to keep digital born artworks accessible in the future? Read more
Artists Talking Back To the Media

November 1985-2015: Thirty Years Since Artists Talking Back to the Media

Thirty years ago this month, Amsterdam hosted a festival of international significance to media art, bringing the whole scope of electronic and mass media into conversation and commissioning the production of some important works of pastiche and found-footage. In an effort to poke fun at (and have fun with) the increasingly dominant presence...Read more

Sanneke Huisman04/11/2015Distribution

The Double is het meest recente werk dat Roy Villevoye maakte in samenwerking met Jan Dietvorst, en zal in 2016 worden opgenomen in de LIMA collectie. Het werk borduurt voort op Voice-Over, dat in 2015 in distributie ging. Een groot deel van Villevoye's vroegere werken worden reeds door LIMA gedistribueerd. Tijd voor een overzicht van het werk van deze veelzijdige kunstenaar.

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Our ambition and history articulated by Edo Dijksterhuis in De Filmkrant (in Dutch)

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