We are pleased to introduce four inspiring female artists with different artistic visions and practices who have played a role in the field of media art as we know it today. Please join us in spreading the word! Read more
To increase the visibility of female media artists, we are looking for inspired writers to participate in the ‘Media art on Wikipedia’ project! With this project, that will take four years, our goal is to make information about media art more accessible. Do you want to (learn how to) write as a Wikipedian and help increase the visibility of female media artists at the same time? Then enroll for the online workshops! Read more
In 2017 LIMA launched the digital canon; a list of twenty "canonical" digital artworks made between 1960 and 2000 on Dutch soil. The purpose of the canon is to generate attention for digital art among both institutions and the public. Read more
How to present a VR experience will be a new case study in LIMA’s research on the preservation, documentation and distribution of VR artworks from april 2021 on, in collaboration with DDHN (NDE) and partners in the project Documentation Digital Art. Read more
For this year’s edition of UNFOLD: Nan Hoover, LIMA invited artist Vera Sofia Mota to re-interpret Nan Hoover’s work. On May 19, Mota will present two new pieces: Movement Dissolves: Composition with Red and Shadow and Walking – Method, both taking different works from Nan Hoover as reference and work material. Read more
UNFOLD: Nan Hoover introduces performances and presentations by artists of Nan Hoover’s work in a new, unconventional way. The programme includes a text-based sound installation by Sandra Sterle, a lecture by Davor Sanvincenti as well as a commissioned text-based reinterpretation by theatermaker Judith de Joode. Read more
For this year’s edition of UNFOLD: Nan Hoover, we have once again invited students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (DOGtime) to research and think up the re-interpretation of a work by the artist Nan Hoover. Read more
In the run-up to the UNFOLD: Nan Hoover festival there will be a special broadcast of LIMA Online with guests Quirine Racké & Helena Muskens. Read more
During this year’s online version of the annual Transformation Digital Art symposium, we came together and reflected on the topics of Collective Care and Value of Documentation. Read more
UNFOLD: Nan Hoover is a one-day reinterpretation festival. On Wednesday, May 19, 2021, artists, experts, writers, programmers will shed their light on the oeuvre of the media art pioneer Nan Hoover (1931 - 2008) - who would have turned ninety in 2021. Read more