Transformation Digital Art 2022

17/03/2022 to 18/03/2022
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Transformation Digital Art 2022
International symposium on the preservation of software-based art. 
17 & 18 March 2022, online!
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Transformation Digital Art is a LIMA symposium on ongoing research and practices in the field of media art archiving, documentation and preservation. Commencing online in March 2022, Transformation Digital Art is designed as an opportunity to share practices concerning both artist-led and institutional strategies geared towards the future presentation of born-digital and software based art. 

This edition will revolve around the theme of collaborative knowledge building and sharing. 

The more knowledge is gathered and presented online the more urgent it becomes to develop sustainable networks for new and existing knowledge and discover new ways of working together in sharing knowledge as well as responsibilities. We believe it is crucial to use this encounter to explore discourses on collaborative approaches in sharing and caring for media art. At the same time through collaborations with artists, museums, archival professionals, scholars and collections, we want to share our knowledge and practice on this complex topic. In bringing together professionals of various strands, our hope is to facilitate an encounter that will allow for a critical reflection on the politics, architectures, processes and networks - within and beyond the art institutions.

March 17 on Unpacking collaboration

For almost 20 years collaboration has been a key component in digital art preservation projects. Collaboration between the project team, within the institutions and with the broader community of colleagues, artists, users and industry that the project aims to serve. Over the last years collaboration and working in networks came to a next level. What can be learned from these new collaborations within and outside of the scope of the museum? This session will explore how current digital art preservation projects are initiated, organized and what their challenges are. How do these networks deal with differences, decision making and politics?

13h00 - 18h00 CET

The workshop of this first day of Transformation Digital Art 2022, Collecting process: exploring the bond between production and presentation technologies through by ZEITGUISED, Victoria & Albert Museum is followed by a session focusing on highlighting current research in documenting, archiving and presenting software based art at LIMA and partner institutions. Followed by an artist presentation and Dusan Barok (Independent artist, researcher) Forging alliances for the care of media arts and culture in Central EuropeNatalie Kane (Victoria & Albert Museum) Preserving and sharing born-digital and hybrid objects from and across the National CollectionYuhsien Chen (Director of Save Media Art Project) Planting trees in desert - How we build preservation network from zero to point one in Taiwan and Gaby Wijers (LIMA) Media Art preservation infrastructure and network in the Netherlands will each share their work and work process followed by a discussion with Kati Kivinen (Kiasma).

March 18 on Distributed knowledge

The participatory, open and decentralized potentials of digital systems continue to animate artistic and cultural initiatives - as well as the corporate and governmental agendas they unfold among. What practices sustain these post-digital assemblages and allow them to evolve? What are the politics embedded in their designs and protocols? How is the knowledge nourished within them opened up to both human and algorithmic reuse? This session is dedicated to a critical reflection on the collaborative practices and networked topologies through which artists, institutions and communities produce knowledge.

13h00 - 18h00 CET

This workshop will be within the framework of the LIMA initiated project Mediakunst op Wikipedia, which aims to make media art from Dutch collections more accessible to a wider audience and offers the opportunity to make metadata accessible as linked open data. Sanneke Huisman (Curator, LIMA) and Hanno Lans (Wikimedian in Residence) will focus on Wikidata and how a media art collection can be inserted into it, taking into account the variability of media artworks. This will be followed by talks and statements by Cornelia Sollfrank ((phD), Artist and Researcher, Artistic Archivist) Who cares ( – if public memory institutions don't?)Elizabeth Stainforth (Lecturer in Heritage Studies) The Politics of Digital Heritage Aggregation at ScaleLozana Rossenova (Digital designer and researcher) Rethinking user agency in the context of digital cultural archives, moderated by Geert Lovink (Media theorist, Internet critic).

The detailed programme will be announced soon, stay tuned! Please note that LIMA records and photographs throughout Transformation Digital Art Symposium as documentation for its archive, website and social media.


Tickets for the workshops are €12,50- (incl. VAT) per symposium day, per person.
Tickets for the evening programme are €7,50,- (incl. VAT) per symposium day, per person.
A Passe-partout ticket for all (Thursday & Friday) is €35,- (incl. VAT) per person.


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