Reflecting on Transformation Digital Art 2023

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Introducing the Digital Care project during Transformation Digital Art 2023 symposium

For this year’s Transformation Digital Art symposium in March, 2023, we welcomed over 130 participants and visitors hailing from 16 countries. Following two past online editions, a live setting was very welcome and it was great to have so much enthusiasm and expertise on board. We were pleased to host our annual symposium at LI-MA once again, where initiatives and practices in the field of archiving, documentation and conservation of digital art came to meet. 

We started the symposium with a working session towards a European network application for media art preservation. This year’s edition discussed the need for a communal approach for the future presentation of digital art. At the end of the first day of the two day symposium, we brought the project Documenting Digital Art to a close with an inspiring panel discussion Where to go from here? 

Click here to read the guide Documenting Digital Art: Insights for Artists, Audiences, Cultural Organisations, and Policymakers, including A Step-By-Step Guide for Organisations Doing Documentation, which introduces a framework including a short statement about the value, context, and power of documentation and a series of recommendations to support sustainable practices for the conservation of digital art.

On Day 2, the symposium concluded with a celebration of LI-MA’s 10 year anniversary and the kick off of Digital Care: collaborative care for digital artworks. In an open process together with artists, producers, and the public, we will explore what it means to present digital artworks today - and in the future. Digital Care enables and invites collaboration with cultural institutions through researching and showing iconic works in public programmes across the Netherlands. So far we have presented programmes around three iconic works at various locations around the country and more will be announced soon, stay up to date by visiting our project page.

For more information about the Transformation Digital Art 2023 symposium, please visit our project page or click through the related articles to the right side of this page. 

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