Reflecting on Transformation Digital Art 2021

Blog post

We are looking back at some amazing 3 days of the Transformation Digital Art symposium. Through the annual Transformation Digital Art symposium, LIMA offers a platform to initiate and facilitate the sharing of best practices, knowledge transfer and inspiration for the preservation of software based artworks. During this year’s online version, we came together and reflected on the topics of Collective Care and Value of Documentation. The symposium centered around the questions of: what do artists, institutions and researchers need from each other to understand and create an (future) understanding of the artwork? Can we and how can we stake documentation for this purpose; in museums, in research and in the creative process? 

We are very happy that despite the circumstances, we were able to continue the intimacy, connectivity and spirit in this online event format. Thank you all for caring, participating, contributing and sharing your practice with us. The recordings of the public events can be found here.

The issues we are facing in sustaining our digital art/digital cultural heritage for the future generations make it urgent to create, organize, and intervene in collaboration and infrastructures - It shows us the importance of envisioning and creating lasting infrastructures of care and knowledge exchange. Collaboration and knowledge transfer are key in documentation and preservation, not only between institutions, but of course also between the institutions and the artists as well as in discussing content, users, needs, roles and how to lay down and structure the information and documents. It is also important to continue discussing how contemporary practices of (art) reproduction intersect with critical discourses of originals, authorship, ethics and control in new media platforms. 

Further exchange on particular elements has already started. What was striking to see was the increasing urge for networking and collaboration, to explore other fields as f.i.ethnomethodology, to share documentation, information, research and the increasing number of PHD participants on software based art and performance preservation and documentation. 

The first concept for the next symposium program March 2022 is set. The focus will be on distributed platforms for knowledge exchange.

- to be continued -

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This series of lectures and workshops is part of the collaborative project Documenting Digital Art, initiated and coordinated by the University of Exeter.