Premiere #67 by Joost Rekveld at IFFR

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The 46th edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam starts January 25, 2017. 
Like every year, LIMA and its artists are well represented at the festival.
This year, a special work premieres: '#67' by Joost Rekveld, commissioned by LIMA .
As a tribute to 'Reminiscence', and 'Telc' by Steina and Woody Vasulka, this analogue HD video work is guided by the concept of 'reafference', a term that refers to the perceptual changes we cause when we move our sensory organs. In #67, we witness a stroll through the electromagnetic worlds of machines and men, structured by the 50 Hz that is both the fundamental frequency of our power lines and the frame-rate of analogue video.
For the teaser, see here
The work '#67' is commissioned by LIMA as part of 'UNFOLD Mediation by reinterpretation', a research project and a collaborative, international research network that examines re-interpretation as emerging practice for the preservation of media artworks. For more information on the project, click here. Part of the project was the workshop 'Sensory Augmentation and Obstruction', organised by LIMA and Sonic Acts, together with Joost Rekveld. For more information about this workshop, see the link on the right.
Premiere of #67 by Joost Rekveld at IFFR
Netherlands - 2017 - 16 min. - world premiere; commissioned by LIMA
Programme: Joost Rekveld: Light Matters 
Pathé 2 Sat 28 Jan 14:00
LantarenVenster 6 Tue 31 Jan 21:45
More of Joost Rekveld at IFFR 2017 
This year Dutch artist Joost Rekveld will be part of the 'Deep Focus' programme at IFFR. On Saturday January 28, 14.00 at Pathe 2 the new work '#67' will premiere within the 'Light Matters'programme. This screening consists of four works from Rekveld's oeuvre focussing on light and matter. Rekveld will be present to talk about the coming into being and context of these specific artworks. 
On Tuesday January 31, 21:45 at LantarenVenster 6, the 'Light Matters' programme will be repeated without the artist's talk. For more info & tickets, click here.

The Motors of Invention
In the retrospect programme 'The Motors of Invention', 7 films will be shown from Rekveld's oeuvre. At the screening on Friday January 27, 14:00 at Kino 1, Joost will be present and talk about his inspirations in visual music, technology as culture and about developing one's own tools.
The programme will be repeated without the artist's talk on the 3rd of February,14:30 at Kino 2. For more info & tickets click here.

sound//vision @ WORM
Joost Rekveld will also participate in sound//vision 2017 on Friday January 27. This is a four-night programme at club WORM Rotterdam featuring live A/V performances. January 27 kicks off with Ursae Minoris, the brand new performance by filmmaker Joost Rekveldand musicians Dario Calderone and Claudio F. Baroni. To create the music, Baroni translated the positions and clarity of the stars in the Ursa constellation into tones and note lengths. Rekveld’s live visuals are inspired by the light travelling through space, and the visual phenomena this causes. Sound//vision is part of IFFR Short Film's programme. For more info, check the IFFR page and the Facebook Event page.

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