Opening 'Walk With Me' by Jonas Lund on

Blog post

LIMA is proud to host the online solo show 'Walk With Me' by Jonas Lund on, the global online gallery and social medium currently run by Constant Dullaart.

The online exhibition will open in one week from today on Monday, 27 June at 13.00 CET!
Feel free to join the online opening by clicking here, open for one month exactly until 27 July, 13.00 CET. 

In his solo exhibition ‘Walk With Me’, Jonas Lund questions authenticity and authorship in a time of ultra commodification. Jonas provides a view behind the scenes of automating his practice over the last decade. A cocktail mixing layers of automation, optimisation, distributed decision making, and instructions used to create his artworks. Showing early and recent experimental renditions of wrapping his distributed identity, typical personality traits and musical interludes. Not overly didactic, a sensation of what it is like inside the artistic brain of Lund himself.

Still of Walk with Me, In Search of Ideas, self-playing game, 2022