Open call: meetup & workshop Constant Dullaart

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Are you an artist, designer, coder, developer, or activist interested in digital culture? We are looking for people like you with skills in scraping, account making, working with proxys, setting up remote servers, and SEO tactics, in order to bring a new exciting art project to life.

As part of the Cultural Matter series, LIMA and Creative Coding Utrecht are collaborating host meetups and workshops, and support the production of a new work will be directed by Dutch media artist Constant Dullaart. It will be a geopolitically located artwork taking the form of a targeting campaign. 

As part of this project, we will host a meetup event on the 12th of October and a two-day workshop on the 10-11 of November 2018. 

If you are selected, you will be part of a team of scrapers, digital network experts, data designers, and creative coders all working together with Constant Dullaart. In the duration of the project, you will form an art collective. 


In order to apply, please send a curriculum vitae, motivation letter and sample of your work that highlights your relevant experience to
Deadline: October 7th 2018. 
Fees: 30 euros (for all events, food, drinks, use of equipment, space and artist leading the workshop)

Attend the Facebook event for the meetup here.
Attend the Facebook event for the workshop here.


Creative Coding Utrecht (CCU) is s a local platform that aims to stimulate creative coding as artistic practice and unlock its potential for critical inquiry of algorithmic culture. Through a variety of activities such as meetups and workshops CCU brings together the community of artists, designers, coders and people generally interested in the creative possibilities of code & technologies.

LIMA plays a pioneering role in the field of digital art. As an international platform based in Amsterdam, LIMA presents, manages and preserves digital art on the cutting edge of visual arts art, film, digital culture and performance. LIMA initiates and presents media art through the early recognition of talents, worldwide distribution and presentation of its extensive collection of fifty years of media art, the support of new artistic productions and its leading activities in the field of preserving digital art. LIMA actively interrogates the various disciplines, platforms and networks for digital art, shows them together and promotes multidisciplinary practices. This approach is unique and enables us to reach a broad, diverse and international audience.

Cultural Matter is LIMA’s public exhibition and discussion programme that offers a platform for the international discussion on the position and intricacies of digital art. Leading artworks are the starting point for an exhibition and an additional public programme in which national and international experts will analyse the works in an art historical and material context. Cultural Matter revolves around the work of leading digital artists. Curated by Sanneke Huisman and Jan Robert Leegte, the Cultural Matter exhibition has also included artists Nicholas O’Brien, Petra Cortright, Harm van den Dorpel, Constant Dullaart, Olia Lialina and UBERMORGEN.