LIMA Presents. Mind the Gap

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Is the filmic space a place of isolation or contact? Loneliness or communication? In the 70s, art historian Rosalind E. Krauss famously argued that the medium of video art is characterised by an ‘aesthetic of narcissism’, a psychological situation where one “withdraws attention from an external object—an Other—and invest it in the Self.” In video works, she claimed, the artist brackets-out the world and loses his connection to it. But could this solipsistic echo-chamber be broken, or at least cracked? This screening will reflect on this (im)possibility of reaching out and into the screen by bringing together media artworks from the LIMA collection, ranging from the 70s to the 2010s.

Featuring works by: Volker Anding, Marinus Boezem, Ulises Carrión, Douglas Davis and UBERMORGEN.

The screening is curated by Arnon Ben-Dror, Max Bouwhuis and Sara van Bussel, students enrolled in the Art Studies research Master’s programme at the University of Amsterdam. 

LIMA Presents. Mind the Gap
Wednesday, May 30, 9 pm 
Lab111, Arie Biemondstraat 111, Amsterdam
Entrance: € 7,50 / € 5 / free with Cineville
Language: English

The event is supported by the Amsterdam University Fund (Stichting Amsterdams Universiteitsfonds).