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During the closure of our exhibitions and restrictions on events due to COVID-19, we are moving more of our program online. From April 1 on we will host programme's with online content, live talks or digital tours. Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates. 


Wednesday 1 April, 20h00 CET: Cultural Matter: Diana McCarty on a Techno-Feminist alphabet: From Cyberfeminism to Xenofeminism (Pt.II)

Wednesday 8 April, 20h00 CET: Joan Heemskerk (JODI) in conversation with Heath Bunting. 

Wednesday 15 April, 20h00 CET: LIMA Online: Lyubov Matyunina on modern fairy tales

Wednesday 22 April, 20h00 CET: LIMA Online: Harm van den Dorpel in conversation with Jazmina Figueroa on online art practices

Wednesday 29 April, 20h00 CET: LIMA Online: Communication hiccups. A video program by Martijn van Boven and students Interaction Design ArtEZ

Wednesday 6 May, 20h00 CET: Cultural Matter: Rafaël Rozendaal in conversation with Christiane Paul

Wednesday 13 May, 20h00 CET: Cultural Matter: Michael Connor (Rhizome) on online curating

Monday May 18, 20h00 CET - Steim:
Introduction on the book by Marga van Mechelen, followed by a conversation between Sanneke Huisman, Dick Rijken, Fedde ten Berge and Rebekah Wilson on (the history of) STEIM.

Tuesday May 19, 20h00 CET - LIMA media art platform: 
Gaby Wijers will present the LIMA program. LIMA will premiere a short documentary film of the institute, followed by a discussion.

Wednesday May 20, 20h00 CET - V2_: 
Arie Altena and Florian Weigl discuss how the history of V2_ can inform and inspire future activities of V2_, followed by a discussion moderated by Sanneke Huisman.

Thursday May 21, 20h00 CET - IMPAKT:
Sanneke Huisman in conversation with Arjon Dunnewind. IMPAKT will also premiere a short documentary video of the institute, containing archival material of interviews and performances by, amongst others, Hito Steyerl, Willem van Weelden, Kodwo Eshun, Roy Villevoye, Sjarel Ex, James Beckett, Marc Tuters, Wander Eikelboom, Wilfried Houjebek, Mike Hoolboom and Michelle Tehran. 

Wednesday 27 May, 20h00 CET: LIMA Onine: Audience/Performer/Mirror

Wednesday 3 June, 20h00 CET: LIMA Online: Slicing of Time with Martijn van Boven

Wednesday 10 June, 20h00 CET: LIMA Online: Critical Code

Wednesday 17 June, 20h00 CET: LIMA Online: Art, Earth & Space

Wednesday 24 June, 20h00 CET: LIMA Online: Who's afraid of the centipede?

Wednesday 1 July, 20h00 CET: LIMA Online: With Esther Polak & Ivak van Bekkum

Wednesday 6 January 19h30 CET: LIMA Online: What's the Story

Wednesday 13 January 19h30 CET: LIMA Online: When's My Body Public

Wednesday 21 January 19h30 CET: LIMA Online: Who's Space

Wednesday, 27 January 20h00 CET: Cultural Matter Opening - Jeremy Bailey's The You Museum.

Saturday, 27 March 20h00 CET: LIMA Online x PloktaTV: Who's afraid of television?