LIMA at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019

Blog post

From January 23 until February 3, 2019, LIMA will be present in Rotterdam at IFFR. The following list of works are part of the LIMA distribution collection and participate in different programs at the festival. The full programme of IFFR 2018 is now online

Zeno van den Broek, Paranon (NL, 2019, 15 min).

Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukacs, Forest on Location (NL, 2019, 12min)

Daniel Jacoby, Nehemías (NL/PE, 2019, 16 , Nehemías (NL/PE, 2019, 16 min)

Jan Dibbets, Dutch Mountain (NL, 1971, 1min)

Arthur Kleinjan, Above Us Only Sky (NL, 2019, 20 min).

María Molina Peiro, The Sasha (NL, 2019, 20min).

Sebastian Diaz Morales, Insight (NL, 2012, 12min).

belit sağ, what remains (NL/TUR, 2018, 7min).

Donna Verheijden, Kiss the Sky - Eye Trick the I (NL, 2019, 18min).

Judith Westerveld, A few common phrases (ZA/NL, 2018, 6min).

Image: Zeno van den Broek, Paranon (NL, 2019, 15 min).