LI-MA at IFFR 2023

25/01/2023 to 05/02/2023
Blog post

The International Film Festival Rotterdam kicks off again on Wednesday, 25 January! 

Four brand new works from the LI-MA collection will premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam which takes place between Wednesday, 25 January to Sunday, 5 February 2023. 

We are delighted that From Voice To Pulse, 2022, by Zeno van den Broek and Seonghu Cho’s already classic Zabriskie Point, 2022 will be contenders in the prestigious Ammodo Tiger competition. In addition, there are world premieres of the timely Arrullo, 2022, by Amauta Garcia & David Camargo, Mateo Vega’s different take on data centres in Center, Ring, Mall, 2023.

All locations and time slots are listed on the IFFR website!

Seonghu Cho, Zabriskie Point, 2022.

In addition to the premieres, LI-MA is excited to present the world premiere of the installation Spectral Constellations by renowned UK artist duo Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman & Joe Gerhardt) at IFFR2023.
The work is on view throughout the entire festival at Gallery JOEY RAMONE. Free entrance! 

Spectral Constellations is a mesmerising series of generative animations in vibrant colours  driven by scientific data of young stars, collected by astronomers using a method called spectroscopy. The data creates an understanding of structures around distant young stars, where gas and dust come together to form planets. The light this matter emits is studied using prisms to split it into its constituent wavelengths, revealing its elemental make-up. By analysing it over time, spatial formations of the matter can be decoded. As is characteristic of Semiconductor's oeuvre, it seeks to spark dialogue about our relationship with the environment and the impact of technology on our lives.

Dov Eylath, A.R.T., 1981

Last but not least, IFFR’s DINAMO: Displacement will screen HUMUS (multiplexing), 2019 by Antoin de Bemels and Dov Eylath's upbeat A.R.T., 1981. 

As is tradition by now, the packed IFFR program kindly offers room for two DINAMO screenings: thematic screenings put together by organisations like LI-MA from around the world. For the Blues theme, our curator Sanneke Huisman chose Dov Eylath's A.R.T., 1981. In turn, Antonin de Bemel's 2019 work, HUMUS (multiplexity), fits the Displacement theme perfectly. “In his video and musical performance, Antonin De Bemels fuses with and fights against himself, becoming a sort of Shiva, or a swarm of bees. It’s like watching a Busby Berkeley musical for the digital age.” (Cristina Álvarez López) 

For more information on the IFFR 2023 programmes please visit their website by clicking here