Geert Mul x LIMA

Blog post

Saturday November 5th the first solo exhibition of the prominent media artist Geert Mul opened at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. This exhibition is the starting point for the collaborative research project between Mul and LIMA called ‘Future Proof’; Pieces from Mul’s current exhibition will function as case study for the development of a protocol for Mul and other media artists in order to enable them to preserve their own oeuvre of digital-born art. We are excited about finding the best way to preserve this type of cultural heritage so we can enjoy it in the future. For more detailed information about the project, click the ink on the right or click here.

In the scope of the the project the symposium FUTURE PROOF!? Transformation Digital Art 2017 will take place on February 8 & 9 at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. For more information and how to sign up, see here.