CineSonic presents: Albert van Abbe meets LIMA

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Old CineSonic collaborators (LIMA) join forces with new ones (Studio K) for what promises to be a live show to remember!

Top-notch Dutch techno DJ and producer Albert van Abbe will play his musical interpretation of three artist videos from the LIMA media art platform's archive. 
The videos are the creation of three highly regarded contemporary international video artists - Broersen & Lukács, Sebastian Diaz Morales and Seoungho Cho – and will be presented with a new soundtrack for the first time.

Albert van Abbe
One of the very few Dutch techno live acts having performed at Berghain, Awakenings and ADE, Eindhoven’s Albert van Abbe has been involved in many different musical projects over the past 15 years. With an outstanding talent for composition and rhythm, Van Abbe’s music manages to result soothing and calming, while at the same time, arresting and experimental. His productions blend manic percussions, synths and wide-open soundscapes in a perfect harmony of intent and execution. 
Van Abbe has released music on Semantica, Deep Sound Channel, Trolldans, ESHU & Curle. Besides performing and producing music, he also currently operates two record labels, No Comment and VANABBE. 

LIMA video program:
Sebastian Diaz Morales - The Lost Object (NL, 2016)
Seoungho Cho - Scrumped (USA/KOR, 2016)
Broersen & Lukács - Establishing Eden (NZ/NL, 2016)

Location: Studio K
Date and time: Wednesday 24 May | 19:30

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Watch the event teaser below: