• LI-MA celebrates her 10th anniversary

    A milestone certainly worth commemorating, we are excited to announce that throughout this year, LI-MA celebrates with a 10 Year Anniversary Programme including screening events, Transformation Digital Art 2023 symposium, workshops, the launch of a brand new visual identity and much more. 

  • Public launch: A brand new Media Art Blog

    Public launch: a brand new Media Art Blog featuring media artists and their works. LI-MA launches a brand new Media Art Blog brimming with articles, interviews and stories about media artists and their works. 

  • Digital Care: Remko Scha

    On 17 June, LI-MA links up with Creative Coding Utrecht and VOGELFREI to present the the re-coded works of Remko Scha’s Artificial. These works will be displayed as part of Digital Care: Remko Scha IAAA ReCoding Artificial.

  • Documentation of Digital Art

    “Documenting digital art. Re-thinking histories and practices of documentation in the museum and beyond” is a collaboration between leading researchers in the fields of performance and digital art documentation with world-leading museums, artists, and curators specialising in photography and digital art.

  • ArtHost

    LIMA launches a worldwide unique service to save complex digital and online artworks.


    The Arthost preservation service, is initiated and developed in cooperation with DullTech and supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL.

  • Digital Canon?!

    On 22 March, LIMA launched a Digital Canon (1960–2000) of the Netherlands. Experts from the field of digital culture selected twenty of the most prominent and influential works made on Dutch soil by artists who lived or worked here over a long period of time. The works and their makers are not all equally well known, yet this does not detract from their lasting influence on digital art and culture. Each of the works makes use of or responds to digital culture’s increasing impact on art and society. Discover these exceptional works of art on 

  • five decades of media art accessible online

    Discover the new online catalogue bringing together the media art collections of Frans Hals Museum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Van Abbemuseum, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and LIMA.

NEW In Distribution

Explore a wide range of new media artworks. Preview the newest works available for distribution and browse through over three thousand media artworks ranging from the early experimentalists to well-known international artists and emerging young talents in the field of video art and new media art. LIMA’s collection is open to museums, galleries, curators, researchers, events and festivals for programs, presentations and exhibitions. Preview the works online and please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you in any way we can

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Preservation services

LIMA is supporting artists, museums, producers, collections and collectors in sustaining their media artworks and offering knowledge, digitalisation- and other services for all types of media artworks. We take care of thousands of video art- and software based artworks for the main contemporary art collections and artists in the Netherlands to ensure their future presentation. Check out our services and research and feel free to contact our technical specialists. We are happy to help you in any way we can to sustain your media artworks. 

Programmes and projects

LIMA organizes and facilitates research projects, knowledge exchange, workshops and a public programme with various events and activities. Our (online) programmes are attended by researchers, students, experts, curators, art lovers, archivists and conservators from all over the world. We collaborate with national and international institutes, festivals and symposiums. LIMA aims to stimulate critical discussion and reflection and joins the ongoing discourse that contributes to the development of preservation, archiving curatorial presentation and distribution of media art.

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