The story of the collection

LIMA’s collection includes media artworks dating back to the early experimentalists in the 1960’s to present day. We are proud to present the work of well-known international artists and emerging talent in the field of video art and born-digital art, from Nam June Paik to Nicolas Provost.


Welcome to the LIMA Catalogue. Here you will find over forty years of media art and over two thousand works by five hundred national and international artists that LIMA distributes. Offered here are narrative and medium-specific works, performance registrations from emerging artists to Marina Abramovic, Jan Fabre, The Vasulkas, Nan Hoover and Dutch pioneers as Livinus van der Bundt and Peter Struycken.

New In Distribution

Curious about the latest works from renowned artists and emerging talent? Each year a group of experts adds new works to the collection. Thanks to the selection of both national and internationally known talent with lesser-known artists, the collection maintains it’s unique character.

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Rates and Rental conditions

Our collection of media art works is meant for display. Would you like to exhibit a work from our collection at an exhibition, festival or other event? Check out our conditions. Here you will find more information about our rates and rental conditions.


In order to make our collection accessible to a larger audience, LIMA curates programs for both museums and festivals. Here is an overview of our presentations, screenings, educational exhibitions and other distribution activities.

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Global Visibility

Thanks to our active distribution policies, works from the LIMA collection are viewed worldwide. See which museums, international festivals and other institutions have already rented works from us.