Cultural Matter I (2017-2018)

Digital technologies have become an omnipresent part of our reality. They shape the way we think, talk and ultimately live our lives. It’s hard to think of something that has not been affected by digital technologies. Systematically everything touched by human existence is being digitised, by the means of production and documentation on one side, and through communication and monitoring on the other. Artists play an important role in this process. By using digital materials—often without necessarily making them the subject of their work—they are participating in the expansion of art history into this area of technological transition. It is at this frontier, that the culture of a new material is written.

Cultural Matter is a public exhibition and discussion programme that offers a platform for the international discussion on the position and intricacies of digital art. Leading artworks are the starting point for an exhibition and an additional public programme in which national and international experts will analyse the works in an art historical and material context. Cultural Matter revolves around the work of leading digital artists.

Artists: Nicholas O’Brien, Harm van den Dorpel, Constant Dullaart, Olia Lialina, UBERMORGEN.
Curated by: Jan Robert Leegte and Sanneke Huisman.

Cultural Matter: UBERMORGEN
Cultural Matter: Julie Boschat Thorez in conversation with UBERMORGEN (Pt.I) 
Cultural Matter: Willem van Weelden on UBERMORGEN (Pt.II)

Cultural Matter: Olia Lialina
Cultural Matter: Karen Archey in conversation with Olia Lialina (Pt.I)
Cultural Matter: Klaas Kuitenbrouwer on Olia Lialina (Pt.II)

Cultural Matter: Nicholas O'Brien
Cultural Matter: Nicholas O'Brien in conversation with Isabelle Arvers (Pt.I)
Cultural Matter: Filippo Lorenzin on Nicholas O'Brien (Pt.II)

Cultural Matter: Harm van den Dorpel
Cultural Matter: Nora Khan in conversation with Harm van den Dorpel (Pt.I)
Cultural Matter: Annet Dekker on Harm van den Dorpel (Pt.II)

Cultural Matter: Constant Dullaart
Cultural Matter: Axelle Van Wynsberghe in conversation with Constant Dullaart (Pt.I)
Cultural Matter: Geert Lovink in conversation with Constant Dullaart (Pt.II)

Cultural Matter: Petra Cortright
Cultural Matter: Petra Cortright - opening event with Bas Hendrikx and Barbara Cueto (Pt.I)
Cultural Matter: Petra Cortright in conversation with Melanie Bühler (Pt.II)

Cultural Matter presents: Juha van Ingen (The presentation of Juha van Ingen is an extension of the Cultural Matter series at LIMA in 2018)
Cultural Matter presents: Juha van Ingen - opening event with Juha van Ingen in conversation with Cécile Dazord and Alexandre Michaan (Pt.I)
Cultural Matter presents: Juha van Ingen - Kati Kivinen (Kiasma) on As Long As Possible (Pt.II)

This programme is supported by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, the Democracy & Media Foundation, AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts) and the Mondriaan Fund.