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  • Car Nut Part 1
    Car Nut Part 1 Chris Burden
    The artist is sitting on the sofa with Alexis Smith (who appears more often in Burden’s tapes), and tells us about the cars he used to own. Each car has its own memories, from car accidents to events that took place during the time he owned a particular c...
    26'31'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Documentatie over Jeroen Henneman
    Documentatie over Jeroen Henneman Jeroen Henneman
    The carefree thought of Jeroen Henneman is an episode from the ‘Beeldspraak’ (Metaphor) series, broadcast by NOS TV on February 28th, 1978. This documentary begins with Henneman expressing his doubts about this kind of art programme. In a fictitious telep...
    58'38'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Eet Motlem Med Kassa-Apparoten
    Eet Motlem Med Kassa-Apparoten Ingrid Claessen
    17'21'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Guru for Detroit
    Guru for Detroit Chris Burden
    De kunstenaar zit naast Alexis Smith (die vaker op tapes van Burden voorkomt) op de bank en vertelt over de auto’s die hij heeft gehad. Bij iedere auto horen herinneringen, van auto-ongelukken tot gebeurtenissen uit de tijd dat hij een bepaalde auto bezat...
    20'28'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Herenleed de Moeder
    Herenleed de Moeder Contemporary Art Foundation
    28'12'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • An Indian in Holland
    An Indian in Holland Károly Halász
    The tape opens with Transition: the first step to video. In this scene, Halász is walking slowly towards a television frame (empty casing without screen). Then he makes a footprint in paint on an empty sheet of paper that is lying on the floor, thus regis...
    33'21'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Portret van Robbie
    Portret van Robbie Joshua Janssen
    Dit videowerk van Joshua Janssen bestaat uit twee over elkaar gelegde videobeelden van een jongen die zich opmaakt.
    12'15'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Rumble
    Rumble Maarten van der Ploeg
    32'28'', Video, De Appel, LIMA


  • Binnenhavenbrug
    Binnenhavenbrug Bernard Besson
    '----' (1973) In this video, the Binnenhavenbrug in Rotterdam is both the subject and the carrier of the camera. This is placed in a fixed position on the bridge railing, and is twice turned to face a different direction. This results in a constantl...
    1973, 17'59'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Studies In Myself II
    Studies In Myself II Douglas Davis
    The artist is at the computer, typing out his thoughts as directly as possible on the keyboard. The stream of words can be followed on the screen: the image of the typing Davis forms the background. Apart from being a ‘self-study’ of the artist, all this ...
    1973, 30'40'', Video, De Appel, LIMA


  • -No Title-
    -No Title- Jannis Kounellis
    'I think my greatest aspiration (...) is to become a needle to sew everything up, but first to push my way in there, and sew all this history up again. I don’t want to delve into the past for archaeological pleasure (...) but because the past has a realit...
    1974, 21'54'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • The 2nd Routine
    The 2nd Routine Allan Kaprow
    The opening title remarks of Allan Kaprow's video 'The 2nd Routine' preface the viewer as to the subjectively illustrated viewpoint of this edit over one of pure documentation. The sequence of eight exercises that follows forms part of that 'blurring of a...
    1974, 15'00'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • The 3rd Routine
    The 3rd Routine Allan Kaprow
    Allan Kaprow's Activities and his video works from the 1970s can be placed somewhere between conceptual art, performance art, and the social sciences. In The 3rd Routine, two people, in turn, carry out a series of actions. On the screen, the neutrally for...
    1974, 60'17'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • body music I
    body music I Charlemagne Palestine
    In the performance space the artist is standing on his knees and singing. Then he starts to hit the floor with his knees. Afterwards, he gets up on his feet and starts to run in circles, occasionally bumping into the walls. During all this time he doesn’t...
    1974, 12'37'', Video, De Appel, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, LIMA
  • body music II
    body music II Charlemagne Palestine
    In this video we can see the rooms of the Villa Medici through the camera adjusted to the artist’s shoulder. He runs from one room to another singing and increasing the speed gradually.
    1974, 8'03'', Video, De Appel, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, LIMA
  • Break
    Break Willoughby Sharp
    Vanuit de bosjes wordt een huis gefilmd. Langzaam nadert de camera het pand, waaruit geschreeuw komt. Een mannenstem schreeuwt 'break, break, break, gonna break here, gotta break from here, gonna break out of here, gotta get out of here'. De camera gaat h...
    1974, 19'50'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Ciò Che Sempre Parla in Silenzio é il Corpo
    Ciò Che Sempre Parla in Silenzio é il Corpo Alighiero Boetti
    Alighiero Boetti (1940, Turin – 1994, Rome) was involved in the Italian arte povera of the 1960s. The arte povera artists (Boetti, Kounellis, Merz, Pistoletto, and others) dealt in a simple manner with everyday situations that usually go by unnoticed. The...
    1974, 2'03'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Concerto al buio 'Royal College Concert 1974'
    Concerto al buio 'Royal College Concert 1974' Giuseppe Chiari
    2748 Concerto Albuio 'Royal College 1974' […] This tape has no picture. On the screen, only the title and the duration of the concert are shown. So in fact, this is purely an audiotape. The sounds betray a larger area, in which footsteps can occasional...
    1974, 24'12'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Covering Effacing
    Covering Effacing Daniel Buren
    Buren realized Covering/effacing (1974) in Florence. All that is left of this is a ‘video souvenir’; a tape-recorded memory of a work long gone. Buren calls the photos and videos of his work ‘souvenirs’, because they can never replace the real work, place...
    1974, 3'13'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • A Documentation of Bradford, Working Life
    A Documentation of Bradford, Working Life Darcy Lange
    1974, 25'28'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • An Event in the Neue Galerie Aachen versie 1
    An Event in the Neue Galerie Aachen versie 1 Gerrit Dekker
    This tape by Dekker comprises six photos of mirrors in public toilets, accompanied by the sound of footsteps. Street sounds and music can be heard in the background. The tape does not include any images of the actual event.
    1974, 9'54'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • The Florence Tapes
    The Florence Tapes Douglas Davis
    This work by Douglas Davis consists of four ‘chapters’, which together form a whole; they are entitled: Clothing, Walking, Lifting, Leaving. In each of these parts of the performance, Davis defines the role of the monitor by means of day-to-day actions (g...
    1974, 22'49'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Köln
    Köln Alan Sonfist
    A man stands in an area of parkland. He lays out a light, rolled-up canvas on the ground. Then he slowly unrolls it. He meticulously places some branches and twigs on the canvas, precisely where they were before he unrolled it. 'As the canvas is unroll...
    1974, 17'21'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Merlo
    Merlo Joan Jonas
    In Merlo (the Italian word for blackbird), Joan Jonas focuses on the perception of image and sound from various distances. In the first scene, swathed in a black gown and veil, she clambers over the rocks in a chasm. The camera is above her. She is hummin...
    1974, 10'58'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Morir d'amore
    Morir d'amore Urs Lüthi
    This video is a part of the exhibition “The desert is across the street” held at de Appel in 1975. “Morir d’amore” was demonstrated together with the video “Self-portrait”. In the beginning of the video the camera focuses on Luthi’s face. He flashes his ...
    1974, 9'35'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Quelques Souvenirs de jeunesse
    Quelques Souvenirs de jeunesse Christian Boltanski
    This performance was recorded in the presence of an audience. In his act, Boltanski deals with various incidents from his childhood. All the sketches are set in the past, which suggests that most of the characters are no longer alive. The tape begins with...
    1974, 14'43'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Raum sehen und Raum hören
    Raum sehen und Raum hören VALIE EXPORT
    The artist is standing in an empty room. There is no sound. Then, suddenly, there is a pulse, which varies in pitch and pace, changing with the image. The pulse seems to attach itself to her. They become one. The artist does not change her position, but c...
    1974, 9'22'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Self Portrait
    Self Portrait Urs Lüthi
    This video is a part of the exhibition “The desert is across the street” held at de Appel in 1975. “Self-portrait” was demonstrated together with the video “Morir d’amore”. The screen is vertically divided in two parts. In the left half of the screen a c...
    1974, 8'17'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Spoleto Concert
    Spoleto Concert Giuseppe Chiari
    2668 Spoleto Concert […] In Spoleto Concert, Chiari’s hands and piano are being filmed from above. The two hands are caressing, coercing, chasing and seducing each other, with the piano keys being pressed down in the process. 'I wanted to make music/ V...
    1974, 20'44'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Suicide Sutra
    Suicide Sutra Les Levine
    In this tape by Levine, John Giorno (American sound poet, actor in Andy Warhol’s Sleep) plays the lead. He repeats the texts spoken by Levine. The repetition in the text itself, and the voices talking over and repeating each other, turn the text into a wh...
    1974, 30'13'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Then
    Then Allan Kaprow
    Using simple techniques, Kaprow shows a few conceptual, minimal processes. The three actions which he performs cover a certain space of time, and eventually dissolve into a moment: Then. In the first part, a man is sucking an ice cube. The frame, which o...
    1974, 23'26'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Videotape
    Videotape Gino De Dominicis
    1974, 2'58'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • La Vie c'est Gaie, La Vie est Triste
    La Vie c'est Gaie, La Vie est Triste Christian Boltanski
    In the tape La vie c’est gaie, c’est triste, Boltanski is filmed in a Charlie Chaplin outfit (bowler hat, black suit, etc.). He is standing on a stage, or so it appears, before an open curtain, with a microphone in front of him. It has something of stand-...
    1974, 32'02'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Zonder titel
    Zonder titel Simone Forti
    Commentary: limited edition of 70 signed copies Sound: singing In this tape, shots of moving animals in captivity alternate with images of Forti herself. She, too, is locked up in an empty space outdoors, and is moving like an animal in the zoo; endle...
    1974, 29'01'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Zonder Titel
    Zonder Titel Pier Paolo Calzolari
    1974, 7'14'', Video, De Appel, LIMA


  • Afternoon at the Porta Rossa Hotel with A.Smith
    Afternoon at the Porta Rossa Hotel with A.Smith Chris Burden
    Burden and a woman find themselves in a hotel room playing strip poker, their faces are out of view. The loser walks away passing in front of the camera, so that the naked body can be seen from close by. In the next shot, the woman is lying naked on the b...
    1975, 26'28'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Amsterdam Performance
    Amsterdam Performance Urs Lüthi
    1975, 24'43'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Animation
    Animation Stuart Marshall
    Dit werk begint met een shot van een beeldbuis met daarop een still van een kind op een glijbaan. Het kind zit bovenaan de glijbaan, op de grens tussen stilstand en beweging. Het beeld is vertraagd tot frame voor frame, waardoor het uiteindelijk lijkt als...
    1975, 4'12'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Art and Technology 'yankee ingenuity'
    Art and Technology 'yankee ingenuity' Chris Burden
    'During the two-month period of August 24 to October 16, 1975, I conceived, designed and constructed a small one-passenger automobile. My goal was to design a fully operational four-wheeled vehicle which would travel 100 miles per hour and achieve 100 mil...
    1975, 15'03'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Confrontation with my Video Image
    Confrontation with my Video Image Arnulf Rainer
    In this video, we can see the artist observing himself on a monitor underneath the camera. It is as if he is seeing himself for the first time. The amazement and embarrassment with which he studies himself in the first part, later make way for an expressi...
    1975, 35'47'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • An Event in Gallery 'De Mangelgang' Groningen versie 1
    An Event in Gallery 'De Mangelgang' Groningen versie 1 Gerrit Dekker
    For ten minutes, we are shown a white package placed against a white wall. The white contrasts sharply with the dark floor. This very formal image is reconcretized by sounds; the murmur of water, wind and waves, and the sound of someone wading through the...
    1975, 9'57'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • FOTOTOT (Exchange of Identity)
    FOTOTOT (Exchange of Identity) Ulay
    Performance documentation, Galerie Het Venster, Rotterdam, NL (September 5, 1975) This performance registration starts with an oral description of the upcoming performance, while Ulay, dressed up in a white uniform and with a white mask covering his fac...
    1975, 8'59'', Video, De Appel, RCE, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Lijnbaancentrum, LIMA
  • Go Through the Motions
    Go Through the Motions Stuart Marshall
    'To go through the motions of saying one thing and meaning another' is de tekst die in dit werk continue wordt herhaald met behulp van een loop. In beeld is de mond van de kunstenaar die in het begin de gehele zin meezegt, en later slechts flarden tekst...
    1975, 8'00'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Interviewed by A. Smith
    Interviewed by A. Smith Chris Burden
    Sitting at a table in a garden in Italy, the artist is being interviewed by Alexis Smith, the woman who also appears in other tapes by Burden. Church bells can be heard in the background. Burden sheds light on various performances, including 'the oracle',...
    1975, 21'00'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Just a Glimpse
    Just a Glimpse Stuart Marshall
    Just a glimpse is een voor Marshall typerend videowerk aangezien er geëxperimenteerd wordt met de verschillende mogelijkheden en eigenschappen van het medium. Marshall laat zien hoe je een simpel beeld vervreemdend kunt laten werken door beeld en geluid n...
    1975, 6'34'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Lunedi
    Lunedi Terry Fox
    Alchemy plays a major role in Terry Fox’s work. His performances are mystical scientific experiments with various objects. Lunedi is one of these experiments. The act is filmed in such a way that it arouses the viewer’s curiosity about the way in which Fo...
    1975, 21'23'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Moeder Aarde + Een Zwakke Zuidwesten Wind
    Moeder Aarde + Een Zwakke Zuidwesten Wind Beeldend Theater
    In this compilation tape, two extremes are confronted with each other, namely, nature (in Moeder Natuur/Mother Nature) and the city (in Een zwakke zuidwestenwind/A light southwesterly wind), with a view to intensifying the everyday experience. These two p...
    1975, 11'51'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Mouth Piece
    Mouth Piece Arnulf Rainer
    In the work Mouth Piece, Rainer is observing himself on a monitor that is standing underneath the camera. He studies his mouth as it moves, feels his face with his fingers and looks at himself with a moving lack of inhibition. He does not speak, but his m...
    1975, 6'52'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Performance (de Appel)
    Performance (de Appel) Ben d' Armagnac
    For this performance, Ben d’Armagnac built a glass case, which was painted white on the inside. During the performance, he slowly and meticulously scrapes the paint away from three of the five glass walls. Inside the case, he finds himself in the company ...
    1975, 15'58'', Video, Time Based Arts, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, De Appel, LIMA
  • Playbox Amsterdam
    Playbox Amsterdam Michael Druks
    In this performance, Michael Druks takes on the medium of television. Druks appears in the performance area, which is furnished as a living room. A television set stands on a table, surrounded by household articles. Druks is reacting to the programme bein...
    1975, 21'22'', Video, De Appel, Time Based Arts, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, LIMA