• You Must Remember This
    You Must Remember This Marshalore
    In this tape, Marshalore confronts various women in turn with patterns of expectation in connection with their femininity. The link is Marshalore herself, as a jazz singer. Between the sketches, she can constantly be seen in black and white (the rest of t...
    1979, 24'28'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Merz, Gerhard

Mitzka, Ernst


Odenbach, Marcel

  • Keep in View
    Keep in View Marcel Odenbach
    Keep in view is a four-channel video. In the upper left corner there’s a projection of a black-and-white tape of a journey through a tunnel. Through this image another fragments of videos flash - masses marching, crosses pulled down, the Wall torn down. ...
    1986, 7'24'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Palestine, Charlemagne

  • body music I
    body music I Charlemagne Palestine
    In the performance space the artist is standing on his knees and singing. Then he starts to hit the floor with his knees. Afterwards, he gets up on his feet and starts to run in circles, occasionally bumping into the walls. During all this time he doesn’t...
    1974, 12'37'', Video, De Appel, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, LIMA
  • body music II
    body music II Charlemagne Palestine
    In this video we can see the rooms of the Villa Medici through the camera adjusted to the artist’s shoulder. He runs from one room to another singing and increasing the speed gradually.
    1974, 8'03'', Video, De Appel, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, LIMA

Peeters, Sef

  • The 61 hours in de Appel band I
    The 61 hours in de Appel band I Sef Peeters
    Peeters is filming himself from the back, while seated at a desk. He is writing in a notebook. In the next shot, he is scrubbing the text ‘wiped out’ off the floor, using a face flannel. In the third act, he is filming a monitor that is connected to the c...
    1976, 13'54'', Video, De Appel, RCE, LIMA
  • The 61 Hours in de Appel band II
    The 61 Hours in de Appel band II Sef Peeters
    With 'for those who love me, for those who hate me' as his motto, Peeters films himself during various activities. This second tape is of a more personally physical nature than the first one. It is the registration of normal activities of the body. Breath...
    1976, 17'53'', Video, De Appel, RCE, LIMA
  • De Poging
    De Poging Sef Peeters
    Sef Peeters is lying on the floor, wrapped up in a sack of white elastic fabric. He is thrashing about wildly, while the sound of an alarm clock can be heard. The title seems to point to an attempt to escape from the claustrophobic environment in which Pe...
    1975, 14'15'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Ploeg, Maarten van der

  • Rumble
    Rumble Maarten van der Ploeg
    32'28'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Päs, Gerard P.

  • art, kunst, diet
    art, kunst, diet Gerard P. Päs
    This performance took place at De Appel. Päs is standing behind a table, with a cake in front of him. In English, he recounts 'a story about art', as he calls it himself. While he is talking, he is also eating the cake. The story begins in his childhood, ...
    1979, 22'37'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Raaijmakers, Dick

  • Extase
    Extase Dick Raaijmakers
    On a stage, a person on a bike is moving only ten meters in 30 minutes. In slow motion, like in a film, the biker takes a slow somersault and lands on his head. The fall takes so long that time and space seem to lead a life of their own. It is a re-enact...
    1984, 19'07'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Rainer, Arnulf

  • Confrontation with my Video Image
    Confrontation with my Video Image Arnulf Rainer
    In this video, we can see the artist observing himself on a monitor underneath the camera. It is as if he is seeing himself for the first time. The amazement and embarrassment with which he studies himself in the first part, later make way for an expressi...
    1975, 35'47'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Mouth Piece
    Mouth Piece Arnulf Rainer
    In the work Mouth Piece, Rainer is observing himself on a monitor that is standing underneath the camera. He studies his mouth as it moves, feels his face with his fingers and looks at himself with a moving lack of inhibition. He does not speak, but his m...
    1975, 6'52'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Slow Motions
    Slow Motions Arnulf Rainer
    Slow Motions is a work in which Rainer makes his way into a white space. In this film, the artist shows his entire body. Unlike his other videos, which include some explosive moments, here Rainer only makes slow and subdued movements. The video has been e...
    1975, 10'29'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Rinke, Klaus

  • Sehnsüchtiges Wasser
    Sehnsüchtiges Wasser Klaus Rinke
    Rinke is standing behind a table full of glasses and pots filled with water. Water that he has scooped up with his hand from a mountain spring, so that is free of the dregs that get into it by pumping. He calls it ‘sehnsüchtiges Wasser’, yearning water. H...
    1978, 30'01'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Robakowsky, Jozef

  • Construction in Process
    Construction in Process Jozef Robakowsky
    'Video Art in Poland had an original beginning. It grew from the audiovisual creative movement begun in the 1970s at the Film Forms Workshop in Lódz. This was a group of people (...) who had ambitions to examine the language of audiovisual performances, f...
    1981, 48'25'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Rolfe, Nigel

  • Crawling
    Crawling Nigel Rolfe
    Rolfe is being filmed from above, while he is covering the floor with sand. With the help of templates, he then makes figures of powdered charcoal in the sand – diamonds, circles, triangles and crosses. These images are accompanied by a rhythmical ticking...
    1979, 57'27'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Rosenbach, Ulrike

  • Salto Mortale
    Salto Mortale Ulrike Rosenbach
    This is a video live action; the video work originated as a recording of a performance. With a camera in her hands, the artist swings from a two-meter-high trapeze. She is holding the camera in such a way that the lens points upwards. A well-known press ...
    1978, 29'27'', Video, De Appel, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Time Based Arts, LIMA

Russel, Susan

  • Anthology - Disappearance
    Anthology - Disappearance Susan Russel
    Images filmed from a car glide across the screen, accompanied by piano music. The text: 'I don’t come here very much anymore' is whispered repeatedly. Then Russel reads out a text, some phrases of which she repeats. The text slowly fades away. Meanwhile, ...
    1978, 12'41'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Anthology - Tech Baby
    Anthology - Tech Baby Susan Russel
    'I’ve never been lonely since I’ve had all my media around me'. The tape Tech Baby is a story about a listless, bored girl, who regains her zest for life due to active involvement with the mass media (notably video). The video is split up into three pa...
    1978, 25'13'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Anthology TV Hot-TV Cold
    Anthology TV Hot-TV Cold Susan Russel
    Wearing a brightly coloured aerobic outfit, Russel is standing in front of an equally conspicuous wall full of slogans on the mass media. While beating out a rhythm on a tambourine, she is dancing and rapping the following text: 'TV hot, TV cold, TV in t...
    1978, 9'31'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Rutimann, Christoph

  • 5 Raume
    5 Raume Christoph Rutimann
    1984 - 1985, 29'08'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Furkart
    Furkart Christoph Rutimann
    1989, 18'53'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Salle, David

  • Five untitled Pieces From 1974-1976
    Five untitled Pieces From 1974-1976 David Salle
    Five untitled pieces 1974-1976 This early work by David Salle is an experiment with the medium of video. Various fragments, which most of all resemble comical sketches, follow each other (but are not really related to one another). For example, a tradi...
    1976, 26'03'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Samsom, Marja

  • Marja Samsom Presenting Miss Kerr
    Marja Samsom Presenting Miss Kerr Marja Samsom
    For this performance, Samson transformed Gallery De Appel into a nightclub. The camera is focused on a small stage with curtains lit up by a spotlight. Then Samson, dressed only in aluminium foil, steps onto the stage from between the curtains. She slowly...
    1976, 3'54'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Schippers, Wim T

  • 1e Performance De  Appel
    1e Performance De Appel Wim T Schippers
    On April 7th and 8th, 1978, Wim T. Schippers gives two performances at De Appel. These performances opened an exhibition which included a small cut-up painting in Cobra style, a ‘table display of French cheese’ and some rolls of money. During the first pe...
    1978, 62'25'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • 2e Performance De Appel 1e deel
    2e Performance De Appel 1e deel Wim T Schippers
    1978, 62'16'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • 2e Performance De Appel 2e deel
    2e Performance De Appel 2e deel Wim T Schippers
    Wim T. Schippers gives two performances on the occasion of the opening of his exhibition. This second performance by Schippers is similar to the first: Schippers is full of jokes and pranks, takes photos of the audience, sings songs, and improvises to his...
    1978, 32'04'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Cross Now
    Cross Now Wim T Schippers
    Cross Now is an English-language TV play, which Schippers made for VPRO Television, using English actors. This caused a small riot with the unions, which would not agree to a TV programme for Dutch TV without any Dutch actors. Schippers got his way in the...
    1977, 61'08'', Video, De Appel, Groninger Museum, LIMA

Schneemann, Carolee

  • ABC- We Print Anything in the Cards
    ABC- We Print Anything in the Cards Carolee Schneemann
    This performance, recorded at De Appel, is completely different from what would be expected from Schneeman. Schneeman herself describes her performance as a ‘lecture with images’. She is sitting up straight, almost formally, in front of a white screen. He...
    1977, 58'27'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Schoenbaum, Sam

  • Engagement/Disengagement
    Engagement/Disengagement Sam Schoenbaum
    Het podium is verdeeld in drieën, er is een tafel met twee stoelen, een monitor met stoel en een dansvloer. De performance is gesplitst in 4 stukken van 12 minuten. In elk deel zitten twee mensen aan tafel in een zogenaamd huiselijke omgeving. Zij benad...
    1977, 60'28'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Schouten, Lydia

  • Breaking Through the Circle
    Breaking Through the Circle Lydia Schouten
    In this performance (held in the presence of an audience), Lydia Schouten theatrically covers herself with tar and feathers. Dressed in ballet costume, she steps into a ring of feathers with a circle of tar in the middle. Like a dancing ballerina, she cov...
    1978, 14'02'', Video, De Appel, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Time Based Arts, LIMA

Schuller, Florian

Schumans, Marjo

  • Het Leven
    Het Leven Marjo Schumans
    Schumans is walking round in circles in a white room, where the light is diffused by a net curtain, and possibly also by a smoke machine. Schumans begins to walk, and, when a bicycle bell suddenly tinkles, she changes her posture by placing her right hand...
    1976, 30'21'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Sharp, Willoughby

  • Break
    Break Willoughby Sharp
    Vanuit de bosjes wordt een huis gefilmd. Langzaam nadert de camera het pand, waaruit geschreeuw komt. Een mannenstem schreeuwt 'break, break, break, gonna break here, gotta break from here, gonna break out of here, gotta get out of here'. De camera gaat h...
    1974, 19'50'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Shohan, Naomi

  • The Pope in New York
    The Pope in New York Naomi Shohan
    A film by artist Naomi Shohan about the visit of Pope John Paul II to a youth rally in Madison Square Garden, New York, in 1979. The pope sits on a podium in Madison Square Garden, on a chair, with a microphone in front of him. The young audience is wait...
    1979, 28'08'', Video, De Appel, LIMA


  • Verpuppung/Chrysalisation
    Verpuppung/Chrysalisation Siepmann, Ulla Siepmann
    For this performance, Planstudio Siepmann engaged an actor. Together with the audience, this actor is in a room with a grid of dark and light-coloured lines on the floor. In the background, the sound of a throbbing engine can be heard. 'After some 20 minu...
    1977, 62'21'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Smals, Wies

  • Dutch Treat
    Dutch Treat Wies Smals, Stansfield / Hooykaas, Harrie de Kroon, Moniek Toebosch, Gerrit Dekker, Marja Samsom, Nikolaus Urban, Servie Janssen
    In 1978, Martha Wilson (founding director of Franklin Furnace in New York City) travelled to Amsterdam in order to do a performance at de Appel. Together with Wies Smals, founder of de Appel, she then came to the idea to organize an exchange between both,...
    1980, 27'39'', Video, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Time Based Arts, LIMA, De Appel

Sonfist, Alan

  • Köln
    Köln Alan Sonfist
    A man stands in an area of parkland. He lays out a light, rolled-up canvas on the ground. Then he slowly unrolls it. He meticulously places some branches and twigs on the canvas, precisely where they were before he unrolled it. 'As the canvas is unroll...
    1974, 17'21'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Soreff, Stephen s'

  • The Flying Eye
    The Flying Eye Stephen s' Soreff
    With a manual remote control, TV viewers can steer a ‘flying eye’ from their living rooms. It’s even possible to scout the Sahara this way. Better yet, a race between two ‘flying eyes’ can be settled at home like the one shown here, where red and blue eye...
    1981, 8'58'', Video, Time Based Arts, De Appel, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, LIMA
  • Tombs, Water, Clouds, Knives
    Tombs, Water, Clouds, Knives Stephen s' Soreff
    'I am the editor and publisher of AGAR. AGAR is the art-magazine of the future which I have invented. The artist is invented, the event is invented, the art-form is invented', aldus Stephen 's Soreff in1980. Deze tape bevat vier afleveringen van het kunst...
    1980, 19'34'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Stansfield / Hooykaas

  • Flying Time (single-channelversie)
    Flying Time (single-channelversie) Stansfield / Hooykaas
    We can see the waterside on the beach; waves of clear water are rippling back and forth over the sand. A motionless woman casts a blue shadow: only her hair is moving. A woman’s voice monotonously recites time distances and time differences, each time bet...
    1982, 8'11'', Video, De Appel, MonteVideo, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, LIMA, RCE
  • The Force Behind its Movement
    The Force Behind its Movement Stansfield / Hooykaas
    Nature plays an important part in the work of Stansfield/Hooykaas. It is often the connecting factor in the relationship between form and content. They are fascinated by the various ways in which nature's powers manifest themselves. 'The Force Behind its...
    1984, 17'45'', Video, De Appel, RCE, MonteVideo, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, LIMA
  • Memory Window
    Memory Window Stansfield / Hooykaas
    'We made this project, "Memory Window", in August 1977 in the Jordaan (a district in the centre of Amsterdam), in the vicinity of the exhibition space of De Appel, where this installation was first on show. One of the ideas on which this project was based...
    1977, Installation, De Appel, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Time Based Arts, LIMA
  • See Through Lines
    See Through Lines Stansfield / Hooykaas
    In 'See Through Lines' by Stansfield and Hooykaas, the viewer's gaze glides along a Dutch landscape: starting with the sky, and then descending from an electricity pylon towards a canal. Then the image travels up again, along the other bank towards the sk...
    1977, 15'28'', Video, De Appel, Bonnefantenmuseum, LIMA
  • Split Seconds
    Split Seconds Stansfield / Hooykaas
    In the installation 'Split Seconds', a small monitor is placed in front of a slightly larger one, with both monitors showing the same recording of wood being chopped. The image on the small monitor even includes what remains covered up in the larger image...
    1979, 10'36'', Installation, De Appel, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, LIMA