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Abramovic, Marina

  • Role Exchange
    Role Exchange Marina Abramovic
    In 1975, Marina Abramovic had been a professional artist for 10 years. On the evening of July 2 of that year, the artist exchanged places with Suze, a woman who was a professional prostitute for 10 years as well. Both took on each other's roles for four h...
    1975, Installation, De Appel, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, LIMA

Anderson, Laurie

  • At the Shrink's (a Fake Hologram)
    At the Shrink's (a Fake Hologram) Laurie Anderson
    During a performance at De Appel, Amsterdam, Anderson is sitting in an easy chair, or rather: an image of the artist is projected onto the chair. She is telling an anecdote about a session with her psychiatrist. Anderson eventually comes to the conclusion...
    1977, 3'13'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Songs for Lines/Songs for Waves
    Songs for Lines/Songs for Waves Laurie Anderson
    This performance consists of ten songs in which music, language and images are equally important. In most of these songs, Anderson plays the violin, accompanied by her own singing and an audiotape (with spoken text, more singing or more violin music). Her...
    1977, 38'56'', Video, De Appel, Time Based Arts, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, LIMA

Antal, Sandro

  • Die Auspeitschung
    Die Auspeitschung Sandro Antal
    'I am a fist and foot worker.' (S. Antal) In 'Die Auspeitschung' (the lashing) Antal is dressed as a soldier. He is standing before a large canvas, while on the floor lies a sheet of white paper on which a bright lamp is shining. Antal marches across t...
    1978, 40'36'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Armagnac, Ben d'

  • Performance (de Appel)
    Performance (de Appel) Ben d' Armagnac
    For this performance, Ben d’Armagnac built a glass case, which was painted white on the inside. During the performance, he slowly and meticulously scrapes the paint away from three of the five glass walls. Inside the case, he finds himself in the company ...
    1975, 15'58'', Video, De Appel, Time Based Arts, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, LIMA
  • Performance (Universiteit Maastricht)
    Performance (Universiteit Maastricht) Ben d' Armagnac
    This is one of the very few works that Ben d'Armagnac made specifically and directly for video. He normally regards the registration of his performances on video as a matter of secondary importance. And even in this work, the camera is only used to regist...
    1976, 20'24'', Video, De Appel, Time Based Arts, RCE, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, LIMA

Atherton, Kevin

  • In Two Minds - Question Tape
    In Two Minds - Question Tape Kevin Atherton
    This is the tape used in the performance In two Minds – third version: the tape containing questions from the interviewer Atherton to the interviewed Atherton. Together, the two tapes also form a video installation: two monitors are then placed opposite e...
    1978, 25'18'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • In Two Minds - Third Version
    In Two Minds - Third Version Kevin Atherton
    In 1978, the first version of the video performance 'In Two Minds' came into being. Kevin Atherton can be seen on a video monitor: he is interrogating the artist Kevin Atherton. Atherton then answers these questions during the live performance. In the sam...
    1978, 25'06'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • TV-Commercial for Art Project Water
    TV-Commercial for Art Project Water Kevin Atherton
    A housewife is standing at the kitchen sink, complaining about having to wash up all those dirty dishes. But luckily she’ll do them in no time with ‘…’. This is a commercial in the category 'consumer demonstration' and is a typical Dutch advertisement fro...
    1982, 3'39'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Bagnoli, Marco

  • Albe of Zonsopgangen
    Albe of Zonsopgangen Marco Bagnoli
    ‘Albe or Sunrises is the title of a work Marco Bagnoli made with earth, air and fire on the heath near Laren, 20 kms from Amsterdam. The earth construction consists of an egg-shaped spiral with two specific profiles, while from its centre an 'ampulla' emi...
    1984, 8'45'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Beeldend Theater

  • Moeder Aarde + Een Zwakke Zuidwesten Wind
    Moeder Aarde + Een Zwakke Zuidwesten Wind Beeldend Theater
    In this compilation tape, two extremes are confronted with each other, namely, nature (in Moeder Natuur/Mother Nature) and the city (in Een zwakke zuidwestenwind/A light southwesterly wind), with a view to intensifying the everyday experience. These two p...
    1975, 11'51'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Een zwakke zuidwesten wind
    Een zwakke zuidwesten wind Beeldend Theater
    On 12, 13 and 14 December, Een zwakke wind uit het zuid-westen (A light southwesterly wind) and Moeder aarde (Mother Earth) were performed. The first performance involved the installation of a heavily bolted wooden cage, above which were projected slide i...
    1975, 4'55'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Besson, Bernard

  • Binnenhavenbrug
    Binnenhavenbrug Bernard Besson
    '----' (1973) In this video, the Binnenhavenbrug in Rotterdam is both the subject and the carrier of the camera. This is placed in a fixed position on the bridge railing, and is twice turned to face a different direction. This results in a constantl...
    1973, 17'59'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Bien, Waldo

  • Social Sculpture Foundation I, Regal Star Project
    Social Sculpture Foundation I, Regal Star Project Waldo Bien
    The tape Regal Star starts with a shot filmed from a dark room. Slowly, doors in the ceiling begin to slide open, and a strip of cloudy sky becomes visible. The camera zooms in on the opening, and suddenly a man is standing there, looking in. The camera f...
    1983, 30'48'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Social Sculpture Foundation II
    Social Sculpture Foundation II Waldo Bien, Joseph Beuys
    Born 1949 in The Hague (NL). Student of Joseph Beuys at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf between 1970-1976, Waldo Bien extensively engages with the concept of Social Sculpture in his work, including interdisciplinary research in anthropology and phenomenology...
    1984, 18'58'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Bloom, Barbara

  • The Big Sleep 2
    The Big Sleep 2 Barbara Bloom
    For The Big Sleep 2, Barbara Bloom makes use of the film The Big Sleep, based on a detective story by Raymond Chandler and starring Humphrey Bogart. The tape begins with promotional matter, after which a voice-over briefly summarizes the film we are about...
    1977, 62'31'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • The Diamond Lane
    The Diamond Lane Barbara Bloom
    The Diamond Lane by Barbara Bloom was created between 1978 and 1980. The film has the characteristics of a trailer: highlights from a forthcoming film are presented, leading actors are announced, the public is invited to go and see the film, and all this ...
    1981, 5'14'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Boetti, Alighiero

  • Ciò Che Sempre Parla in Silenzio é il Corpo
    Ciò Che Sempre Parla in Silenzio é il Corpo Alighiero Boetti
    Alighiero Boetti (1940, Turin – 1994, Rome) was involved in the Italian arte povera of the 1960s. The arte povera artists (Boetti, Kounellis, Merz, Pistoletto, and others) dealt in a simple manner with everyday situations that usually go by unnoticed. The...
    1974, 2'03'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Boltanski, Christian

  • Quelques Souvenirs de jeunesse
    Quelques Souvenirs de jeunesse Christian Boltanski
    This performance was recorded in the presence of an audience. In his act, Boltanski deals with various incidents from his childhood. All the sketches are set in the past, which suggests that most of the characters are no longer alive. The tape begins with...
    1974, 14'43'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • La Vie c'est Gaie, La Vie est Triste
    La Vie c'est Gaie, La Vie est Triste Christian Boltanski
    In the tape La vie c’est gaie, c’est triste, Boltanski is filmed in a Charlie Chaplin outfit (bowler hat, black suit, etc.). He is standing on a stage, or so it appears, before an open curtain, with a microphone in front of him. It has something of stand-...
    1974, 32'02'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Burden, Chris

  • Afternoon at the Porta Rossa Hotel with A.Smith
    Afternoon at the Porta Rossa Hotel with A.Smith Chris Burden
    Burden and a woman find themselves in a hotel room playing strip poker, their faces are out of view. The loser walks away passing in front of the camera, so that the naked body can be seen from close by. In the next shot, the woman is lying naked on the b...
    1975, 26'28'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Art and Technology 'yankee ingenuity'
    Art and Technology 'yankee ingenuity' Chris Burden
    'During the two-month period of August 24 to October 16, 1975, I conceived, designed and constructed a small one-passenger automobile. My goal was to design a fully operational four-wheeled vehicle which would travel 100 miles per hour and achieve 100 mil...
    1975, 15'03'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Car Nut Part 1
    Car Nut Part 1 Chris Burden
    The artist is sitting on the sofa with Alexis Smith (who appears more often in Burden’s tapes), and tells us about the cars he used to own. Each car has its own memories, from car accidents to events that took place during the time he owned a particular c...
    1975, 26'31'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Guru for Detroit
    Guru for Detroit Chris Burden
    The artist sits on the couch next to Alexis Smith (who appears more often on Burden's tapes) and talks about the cars he has owned. Every car comes with memories, from car accidents to events from the time he owned a particular car. Through these anecdote...
    1975, 20'28'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Interviewed by A. Smith
    Interviewed by A. Smith Chris Burden
    Sitting at a table in a garden in Italy, the artist is being interviewed by Alexis Smith, the woman who also appears in other tapes by Burden. Church bells can be heard in the background. Burden sheds light on various performances, including 'the oracle',...
    1975, 21'00'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Buren, Daniel

  • Covering Effacing
    Covering Effacing Daniel Buren
    Buren realized Covering/effacing (1974) in Florence. All that is left of this is a ‘video souvenir’; a tape-recorded memory of a work long gone. Buren calls the photos and videos of his work ‘souvenirs’, because they can never replace the real work, place...
    1974, 3'13'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Calzolari, Pier Paolo

  • Zonder Titel
    Zonder Titel Pier Paolo Calzolari
    1974, 7'14'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Cárdenas, Miguel-Ángel

  • Somos Libres!?
    Somos Libres!? Miguel-Ángel Cárdenas
    To what extent are gay men 'free'? There are many countries in the world where they are oppressed and discriminated against both legally and illegally. Somos Libres!? (which is Spanish for: 'Are we free!?') tells the story of two young homosexuals who fle...
    1981, 21'56'', Video, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, De Appel, Time Based Arts, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, LIMA

Carrión, Ulises

  • Gossip, Scandal and Good Manners
    Gossip, Scandal and Good Manners Ulises Carrión
    Carrión analyzes gossip and other associated areas such as rumour and scandal in art and life. He uses the form of an educational and scientific program where experts are called upon to air their views. Carrión consciously opts for this formal and objecti...
    1981, 45'13'', Video, De Appel, MonteVideo, Time Based Arts, RCE, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, LIMA

Castelli, Luciano

  • Solarium
    Solarium Luciano Castelli
    This video is the representation of a performance held at Gallery De Appel, on May 30th, 1975. 'Solarium' consists of two parts, in which the camera initially plays an active, and later a passive, role. In the first half of the video, the camera glides...
    1975, 19'39'', Video, De Appel, Lijnbaancentrum, Time Based Arts, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, LIMA

Chiari, Giuseppe

  • Concert Groninger Museum
    Concert Groninger Museum Giuseppe Chiari
    2747 Concert Groninger Museum […] 'What is a happening? To undertake an act one performs during his everyday life, usually distractedly, almost without realizing it, as a significant act.' In this performance, Chiari first flattens out a long role of ...
    1979, 29'44'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Concerto al buio 'Royal College Concert 1974'
    Concerto al buio 'Royal College Concert 1974' Giuseppe Chiari
    2748 Concerto Albuio 'Royal College 1974' […] This tape has no picture. On the screen, only the title and the duration of the concert are shown. So in fact, this is purely an audiotape. The sounds betray a larger area, in which footsteps can occasional...
    1974, 24'12'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Spoleto Concert
    Spoleto Concert Giuseppe Chiari
    2668 Spoleto Concert […] In Spoleto Concert, Chiari’s hands and piano are being filmed from above. The two hands are caressing, coercing, chasing and seducing each other, with the piano keys being pressed down in the process. 'I wanted to make music/ V...
    1974, 20'44'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Study no. 1 en 2
    Study no. 1 en 2 Giuseppe Chiari
    2749 Study Nos. 1 and 2 […] In Study No. 1, Chiari investigates the phenomenon of art, by writing ‘Art is Easy’ on a large sheet of paper. In Study No. 2, he holds up a stick, which he then, in various ways, drops on the floor and picks up again. This ...
    1979, 20'38'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Claessen, Ingrid

Collyer, Robin

Contemporary Art Foundation

  • Herenleed de Moeder
    Herenleed de Moeder Contemporary Art Foundation
    Episode 1 of Herenleed in the landscape 1. The Woman (January 22, 1976) Herenleed was a series of television and theater programs written and performed by Armando and Cherry Duyns, later supplemented with interludes by Johnny van Doorn. Subtitled '...
    28'12'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Davis, Douglas

  • The Florence Tapes
    The Florence Tapes Douglas Davis
    This work by Douglas Davis consists of four ‘chapters’, which together form a whole; they are entitled: Clothing, Walking, Lifting, Leaving. In each of these parts of the performance, Davis defines the role of the monitor by means of day-to-day actions (g...
    1974, 22'49'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • Studies In Myself II
    Studies In Myself II Douglas Davis
    The artist is at the computer, typing out his thoughts as directly as possible on the keyboard. The stream of words can be followed on the screen: the image of the typing Davis forms the background. Apart from being a ‘self-study’ of the artist, all this ...
    1973, 30'40'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Dekker, Gerrit

  • 4 maart 1977 Bonnefanten Museum
    4 maart 1977 Bonnefanten Museum Gerrit Dekker
    Documentation of a performance in the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht in which the artist constantly moves his eyes up and down.
    1977, 63'14'', Video, De Appel, Time Based Arts, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, LIMA
  • An Event in Gallery 'De Mangelgang' Groningen versie 1
    An Event in Gallery 'De Mangelgang' Groningen versie 1 Gerrit Dekker
    For ten minutes, we are shown a white package placed against a white wall. The white contrasts sharply with the dark floor. This very formal image is reconcretized by sounds; the murmur of water, wind and waves, and the sound of someone wading through the...
    1975, 9'57'', Video, De Appel, LIMA
  • An Event in the Neue Galerie Aachen versie 1
    An Event in the Neue Galerie Aachen versie 1 Gerrit Dekker
    This tape by Dekker comprises six photos of mirrors in public toilets, accompanied by the sound of footsteps. Street sounds and music can be heard in the background. The tape does not include any images of the actual event.
    1974, 9'54'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Display Systems

Dominicis, Gino De

  • Videotape
    Videotape Gino De Dominicis
    1974, 2'58'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Druks, Michael

  • Playbox Amsterdam
    Playbox Amsterdam Michael Druks
    In this performance, Michael Druks takes on the medium of television. Druks appears in the performance area, which is furnished as a living room. A television set stands on a table, surrounded by household articles. Druks is reacting to the programme bein...
    1975, 21'22'', Video, De Appel, Time Based Arts, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, LIMA

Eventstructure Research Group

  • Laser Performance
    Laser Performance Eventstructure Research Group, Jeffrey Shaw, Theo Botschuijver
    This tape contains the registration of a laser performance. What appear to be spatial forms are generated by manipulating a laser beam at great speed and in regular patterns. The planes and figures are made visible by smoke and dust in the air. This work ...
    1978, 21'13'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Export, Valie

  • Raum sehen und Raum hören
    Raum sehen und Raum hören VALIE EXPORT
    The artist is standing in an empty room. There is no sound. Then, suddenly, there is a pulse, which varies in pitch and pace, changing with the image. The pulse seems to attach itself to her. They become one. The artist does not change her position, but c...
    1974, 9'22'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Flipse, David

  • Strings / The Basic of Drawing
    Strings / The Basic of Drawing David Flipse
    The work of artist David Flipse is inspired by the effect of repetition in image productions. Initially he developed this concept in autobiographically oriented performances. Strings (Koorden), video of a multi-media performance by David Flipse in De Appe...
    1978, 19'52'', Video, De Appel, MonteVideo, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, LIMA

Forti, Simone

  • Zonder titel
    Zonder titel Simone Forti
    Commentary: limited edition of 70 signed copies Sound: singing In this tape, shots of moving animals in captivity alternate with images of Forti herself. She, too, is locked up in an empty space outdoors, and is moving like an animal in the zoo; endle...
    1974, 29'01'', Video, De Appel, LIMA

Fox, Terry

  • Lunedi
    Lunedi Terry Fox
    Alchemy plays a major role in Terry Fox’s work. His performances are mystical scientific experiments with various objects. Lunedi is one of these experiments. The act is filmed in such a way that it arouses the viewer’s curiosity about the way in which Fo...
    1975, 21'23'', Video, De Appel, LIMA