Tour: Medium Specific Videoart

As art practices evolved, historians, critics and artists alike scrambled to make sense of the abundance of marks that man or woman has made and thus branded centuries, decades and types of artworks with a wondrous array of descriptive names. However subjective this may seem, when communication fails us and there is no pre-determined or strict way to define what we intend to communicate, we often result to calling this experimentation. As technologies advance at an exponential rate it has become common practice for anyone to be able to take part in beta testing. A way for almost anyone to help discover and develop new technology via a form of experimentation.

Video art and the technology involved in producing video images continues to be developed through software as well as hardware and although the term 'video' may seem technologically antiquated when associated with videotape, the legacy continues in varying forms. From the late fifties onwards, custom made electronic components, television and computers were all becoming tools used to communicate new forms of artistic flair where cameras were not necessarily needed as a starting point for source imagery.

The works chosen for this tour were selected mainly according to their visually generic qualities in an attempt to zero in on the details of how they were made as opposed to how they can be interpreted or what they are meant to reference as it is clear that the tools used, play an everlasting role in how these images appear, however, other references cannot be ignored completely.


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