16/10/2013 to 16/02/2014

Jan Fabre. Stigmata


A visual artist and theatrical writer, Jan Fabre presents for the first time at MAXXI the actions and performances from the 1970s through to the present day: drawings, “thinking models”, collages, films, photos and documents that constitute the basis for a review of the dozens of performances and actions, both private and public, realised in Belgium and elsewhere.

12/10/2013 to 13/10/2013

Natlab by Plaza Futura


Plaza Futura presents a free continuous film program in the five cinemas of Natlab. These programs are dedicated to a selection of filmmakers, video artists and organizations who work at the intersection of art, technology and science.

02/10/2013 to 25/10/2013

Seoul International New Media Festival


As a new media art festival of alternative video, the Seoul International NewMedia Festival was launched in 2000 as an indie video festival. NeMaf has since been destorying the boundaries between video and art with creative energy and passion. It is dedicated to introducing new media art works that offer new imaginations and new uses for art and media, aiming to discover artists with potential and support them with the belief that everyone can be a new media...

25/09/2013 to 07/10/2013

5th Cairo Video Festival


Over the span of two weeks, the festival presents a diverse program of experimental film and video art from around the world. The selection was made from hundreds of received applications to highlight recent experiments in these fields. The screenings are followed by special sessions led by guest filmmakers and program curators to present their work and discuss it with the audience. The 5th Cairo Video Festival seeks to become a platform for all those experimenting with the mediums of film...

06/09/2013 to 26/09/2013

ikono; 200 hours of media art


For the first time in TV history, ikono has launched an arts festival taking place exclusively on TV and live webstream. Until the 29th September 2013, the ikono On Air Festival will air a daily program of over 200 international established and emerging video artists. The festival can be experienced through the HDTV channels ikonoTV and ikono MENASA, which currently reach over 30 countries worldwide, and is also available on all mobile devices including computers, tablets and smartphones....