THE LIMA COLLECTION 2016 - screening programme

Media art is characterised by its hybridity. It takes elements from, and is related to a broad variety of disciplines. How do artists deal with their medium, how do they tell a story, how do they present themselves and how do they look at world that surrounds them? This screening series presents all the richness of media art within THE LIMA COLLECTION. Guest curators make a selection of works that focuses on one of these recurrent questions within media art.

9 March: new work #1, including live performance by Mark IJzerman
30 March: media activism, curated by Douwe Dijkstra
25 May: performance, curated by Frédérique Bergholtz & Susan Gibb
28 September: cinema, curated by Sacha Bronwasser
9 November: medium specific, curated by Martijn van Boven
10 January 2017 - new work #2, including Q&A's

LIMA, Arie Biemondstraat 111, Amsterdam
7.5 / 5 euro

This programme is sponsored by AFK and Creative Industries Fund NL