'Jan Fabre. Stigmata.' First overview of his actions & performances

From October 16 to Febrary 16 (2013), the work of the Belgian artist Jan Fabre is show in MAXXI, Rome. The exhibition Jan Fabre. Stigmata is the first overview of his actions and performances from 1976 onwards. The extensive collection consisting of drawings, think models, collages, films, photographs and documentation provides a unique insight of the performances by the Belgian artist. The exhibition is curated by independent curator and artcritic Germano Celant, and focusses Fabre’s fascination for the observing, analysing and challenging of the human body. The artist is known for his playful and explorative approach of subjects related to science, nature and the human body.

As distributor of the mediaworks of Jan Fabre, LIMA was involved in the entire project. Recently Domus publiced an in-depth article on the exhibition.