Developing new interfaces for the Norwegian Video Art Archive

PNEK is a Norwegian network structure for the support of artists working with all sorts of electronic and interdisciplinary art. With twelve cultural partners such as Atelier Nord, BEK and KINOKINO who are based in cities as Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, PNEK is playing an important role in the support of culture through screenings, seminars, exhibitions, the distribution of works and most importantly; the development of a new Norwegian videokunstarkivet.

PNEK asked LIMA for general advise on best practizes in media art archiving, digitalisation and preservation in this three-year pilot, to digitize a specilized part of the archive  and to create a new user interface for the Resource Space database of the archive. One of the main challenges here is to create an API front ends and user-interfaces. Our organization has an extended experience in the consultancy on, and development of databases and (user-)interface structures for online video and media art collections. This experience dates back to the beginning of the former Netherlands Media Art Institute (1978), which has always been an international frontrunner in online archiving, distributing and preserving of media art. Building upon this knowledge our current team and network partner are managing and advising the development of the new interface for the Video Art Archive.

For the technical development of the actual software structure, we closely work with our partner Jaap van der Kreeft (Toxus Media). We combine the knowledge and experience of LIMA with technical development, implementation, testing skills of Toxus Media. The goal of the project is to create a better, more intuitive, input interface together that can be used directly at the office of PNEK.

The interface will be used as the basis for the user interface in which the artists can maintain their personal artistic information. The security of the site should be extended for public use. All software used or developed will be open-source.