Rescuing Lost Content

Preserving the past.

On Monday 3 December, 2018, LI-MA organised a workshop in collaboration with PACKED vzw and the Algemeen-Nederlands Verbond to be held in Brussels.

How to Save Digital Cultural Heritage from Obsolete Carriers?

The workshop was intended to help participants learn how to retrieve data from computer diskettes and other obsolete carriers and included both a theoretical and a practical component. In the theoretical part, participants could learn what needs to be taken into account when preserving data on obsolete carriers, while the practical part looked at reading devices and software. At the end of the workshop, participants were able to recognize different carrier formats, make copies of the contents of a given carrier and analyse the results. 

This workshop was realised as part of the Resurrection Lab project, coordinated by iMAL and PACKED vzw with the support of Innoviris, the Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation.

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