Preservation of New Media Art

In collaboration with the University of Amsterdam.

In 2013, LI-MA began its ongoing collaboration with the University of Amsterdam (UvA) offering workshops and classes in media art preservation to the Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image as well as the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage Masters’ programs.

How to Document Complex Works of Media Art?

During the first instantiation of this collaboration, under the guidance of LI-MA staff and Ellen Jansen, lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Art Conservation (UvA), students worked on four case studies consisting of complex works of media art from LI-MA’s collection. The students learned how to document all segments of the works and examined the technological, conceptual and art historical background of the objects and installations. To do this they consulted with various experts as well as the artists of the work’s they documented. Ultimately these works were reconstructed and presented at LI-MA. This collaboration has been continued through annual workshops and lectures.