Network & Partners

LI-MA conducts research based on our own collection of media art and also on issues surrounding the conservation and preservation of media art in general. We cannot, however, perform this task alone. That’s why we welcome the collaboration of various national and international organisations.

LI-MA is a proud member of:

  • AVA_Net: The (knowledge) network for audiovisual collection holders in the Netherlands and anyone interested in this heritage and aims to strengthen the position of AV heritage in the Netherlands. 
  • Digital Culture Moonshot: An initiative to strengthen the digital culture field in the Netherlands.
  • DINAMO: Distribution Network of Artists’ Moving Image Organizations. The international coalition for distribution organizations supporting and promoting artist’s moving images. Our goal is to share our common expertise in the areas of advocacy, exhibition, preservation and education.
  • MOKER PO_i: The advocacy group working for the recognition and fostering of the small-scale contemporary visual arts, development and innovation sector in Amsterdam.
  • NDE: The Digital Heritage Network stimulates and facilitates knowledge sharing and cooperation and is developing a national, cross-sectoral network of facilities and support for digital heritage.
  • SBMK: The Foundation for the Conservation of Contemporary Art initiates and stimulates knowledge sharing and cooperation related to the maintenance and conservation of contemporary visual art.
  • NADD: The Network Archives Design and Digital Culture works towards an accessible archive for design and digital culture, collecting and combining the knowledge and strengths of museum and heritage organisations.
  • De zaak nu: De zaak nu is an interest group for institutions for contemporary visual arts in the Netherlands.

In addition, LI-MA is a key partner of the Master's programme Presentation and Preservation of the Moving Image (P&P) University course Amsterdam Media Art Conservation, University of Amsterdam

Research partners
Selected preservation partners