Advice & Workshops

Learning opportunities for preservation.

LI-MA offers preservation advice and workshops to support the visibility and sustainability of media art based on requests for more information from the field as well as on our current research programs. 

Custom Workshops with Your Collection in Mind

We provide workshops to students, artists, professionals in the field of arts and culture, institutions in ownership of complex media artworks, and anyone looking to learn about how to preserve our digital heritage. For artists and art students, we offer workshops on archiving and documenting their practice. For institutions we focus on acquisition, analysis, documentation and storage of media art, but we also provide collection surveys and quality checks on request. Lastly, we give media art history lectures and workshops for the larger community on how to write about media art in the form of edit-a-thons.

We continue to provide case study-based workshops for contemporary art collections in the Netherlands and abroad. Read on to find out about our past workshop or fill in the contact form below to let us know what workshops you would like to see us offer next.

Our Past Workshops

In the past, we have provided workshops on how to retrieve data from computer diskettes and other obsolete carriers in collaboration with Rony Vissers (Memoo); how to make a disc image in collaboration with Tom Ensom (Tate), Paul Jansen Klomp and Wiel Seuskens (LI-MA); how to emulate media art; and finally the documentation of complex media art works. LI-MA’s Gaby Wijers, Sanneke Huisman, Ivo van Stiphout and Joost Dofferhoff have given their expertise on media art history and its conservation while Olivia Brum, Mauricio van der Maessen Sombreff and Claudia Roeck have provided instruction using the preservation of particular case studies. We also give hands-on workshops as part of our annual Transformation Digital Art symposium. These are preservation-based and aimed at participants of the event, and they have included input from prominent artists, technicians, and other media art conservation experts. 

We are open to participate in or provide advice relevant to your particular practice or research. In the past we have shared our knowledge in collaborative research programs that address the issues surrounding born-digital art preservation such as Digital Art Conservation (ZKM), DOCAM (Daniel Langlois Foundation), Obsolete Equipment (PACKED and NIMk), Collecting the Performative, Norwegian Video Art, Digitizing Contemporary Art and Documenting Digital Art.

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