Additional Distribution Services

Formats, stills, purchases and curatorial guidance.

LI-MA offers additional services to enhance the presentation of works. We are also available to assist you in sourcing images for publications. Additionally, we provide guidance in curating programs, and facilitating the purchase of works from our collection.

Alternative Formats

The standard available formats for display are MPEG2 and ProRes. Other formats such as DCPs are available at an additional cost depending on the length of the work and the technician’s hourly rate.

Stills for Publications

If you would like to use stills for your online and print (academic) publications or to illustrate features in press publications, please get in touch using the form below regarding rates and copyright conditions.

Please be aware that for older works still images are typically only accessible in SD quality. While it's possible to upscale these to HD resolution, it's important to note that this process merely increases the resolution without enhancing the overall quality or sharpness of the image.

Purchase Works

Some of the works in the collection are available for sale with exhibition rights for museums and galleries. Prices vary per work. LI-MA is happy to assist you in this process.

Curatorial Guidance

LI-MA's artistic team has extensive experience in putting together engaging programs for a variety of audiences. If you are looking for a program around a particular theme for one evening or would like us to put together a multi-day program for you, please feel free to reach out to our team. 


Thumbnail and header image: Martijn van Boven & Tom Tlalim, Field Notes From A Mine, 2012