LIMA is hét platform in Nederland voor digitale kunst waar nieuwe technologieën, wetenschap, digitale cultuur en kunst worden getoond, waar de discipline actief wordt bevraagd en waar wordt gereflecteerd op het veld en de positie ervan in de maatschappij. Wij vertegenwoordigen kunstenaars en ondersteunen hen in de presentatie en ontwikkeling van nieuw werk. Tegelijkertijd koesteren wij het ‘geheugen’ van de Nederlandse mediakunst met onze digital repository en...Read more

LIMA is proud to announce the dates for Transformation Digital Art Symposium 2019 on March 21 and 22, 2019. Transformation Digital Art symposium is designed as an opportunity to share best practices concerning both artist-led and institutional strategies geared towards the future presentation of born-digital and software-based art. Read more
In January 2019 LIMA is embarking on an exciting new research project about the current state of digital art distribution. As the “Digital Art Distribution Project Research Intern” you will have your own individual project within this wider project, in which you will lay the research groundwork for LIMA’s wider investigation into these models that seeks to investigate the field for inspiring examples, raise the profile of the importance of distribution, and assess and innovate LIMA’s own practices. Read more

In 2017 artist and researcher Julie Thorez Boschat was invited by LIMA to research the work Chinese Gold by UBERMORGEN as a casestudy within the framework of the LIMA project and public programme Cultural Matter. At the same time, LIMA was in the process of developing the project Arthost, a research into methodologies, requirements and architecture for the preservation of digital art. While the casestudy research by Thorez Boschat progressed, it also contributed to the elaboration of...Read more

On the occasion of the solo-exhibition of Juha van Ingen centered around his work AS Long As Possible (ASLAP) (2017) a digital publication has been made with text contributions by Cécile Dazord, Sanneke Huisman, Juha van Ingen, Pontus Kyander, Jan Robert Leegte, Alexandre Michaan, Gaby Wijers and Kari Yli-Annala.

As Long As Possible publication (PDF)

Exhibition...Read more

Are you an artist, designer, coder, developer, or activist interested in digital culture? We are looking for people like you with skills in scraping, account making, working with proxys, setting up remote servers, and SEO tactics, in order to bring a new exciting art project to life.

As part of the Cultural Matter series, LIMA and Creative Coding Utrecht are collaborating host meetups and workshops, and support the production of a new work will be directed by Dutch media artist...Read more


In 2017 LIMA launched the new public programme Cultural Matter as a platform for discussing an exhibiting works by...Read more


Stagiair(e) Communicatie & productie.
(3-6 maanden, 24 uur per week)

Ben jij een student media, erfgoed of kunstgeschiedenis en ben je op zoek naar ervaring in een gespecialiseerde culturele instelling? Wil je al doende meer leren over mediakunst? Dat zijn wij op zoek naar jou!

LIMA is Nederlands belangrijkste platform voor mediakunst. We zetten ons in voor videokunst, digitale kunst en performancekunst door middel van distributie, onderzoek en...Read more


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Transformation Digital Art 2018, March 22 & 23 at LIMA Amsterdam

In the context of the new LIMA project Art Host, the symposium ‘Transformation Digital Art 2018’ will take place at LIMA.

...Read more

Old CineSonic collaborators (LIMA) join forces with new ones (Studio K) for what promises to be a live show to remember!

Top-notch Dutch techno DJ and producer Albert van Abbe will play his musical interpretation of three artist videos from the LIMA media art platform's archive. 
The videos are the creation of three highly regarded contemporary international video artists - Broersen & Lukács, Sebastian Diaz Morales and Seoungho Cho...Read more